Burial of animals
in difficult times
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the burial of animals in KievRitual Agency "Mourning" presents a wide range of services, including services for the burial of Pets. Not all owners are able to hold a funeral for animals. Someone not strong enough to say goodbye to a beloved pet that someone has no time, and someone just has no idea how and what to do.

In any of these cases will come to the rescue we service burial of animals (of the Bureau of ritual Mourning). Their work will fulfill in good faith the animals buried in designated cemeteries. At the request of the client may be done cremation.

The burial of animals in Kyiv from UAH 2000.

Why you can trust us?

Ritual Agency "Mourning" the practice of burial of animals more than ten years. During this time we did the job well-coordinated, learned to find individual approach to each of our clients.

Among our advantages:

  • great experience;
  • affordable prices for services;
  • complete paperwork (which robs you of the need to engage in so-called paperwork).

In addition, our specialists will answer all your questions and arrange for the burial of animals not only in Kyiv but also throughout Ukraine. Over the years, we have been able to obtain recommendations by many clients, satisfied with the quality of our services. To bury a dog bury the cat, which became a full-fledged member of the family. With us it is not a problem.

Not less important feature of our work, which helped to enlist the support of many customers, is that every loss we come respectfully. We understand that the funeral of the Pets is also a pain.

Funeral Mourning: types of services for the burial of animals

  1. individual grave;
  2. the total burial.

In the first case, the body of one animal is placed in the crematorium. The duration is 1-3 hours, depending on the weight of the pet. If desired, the owners themselves can bury the ashes of the animal to the ground. Also the owner may be present at the crematorium.

In the case of a General burial of the body of the animal is placed in the crematorium in the total mass. To bury the ashes becomes impossible.

the burial of animals in Kiev

Urns for burial

Cremation in Kiev, the burial of Pets is not possible without special boxes. It can be chosen at the discretion of the customer. The same applies to the grave, if buried the body of the animal.

To summarize, we can say that by contacting us, you will get all in one place. We will provide all the necessary items, will carry out the procedure from beginning to end that will free you from unnecessary troubles. If you wish, you will be able to attend the funeral/cremation, or just give the animal to us and we do all the work.

For our tasks we come with great responsibility. This, in turn, allows us to always be one of the most popular funeral agencies. People come to us when you need it, and we don't turn anyone away. Along the sorrow rendered all possible assistance. While our prices are affordable, liberal. In some cases, we can count on good discounts and attractive offers, so that the disposal of an animal does not become too costly event.

Contact us if you have experience in such matters. Come to us, if a similar situation you faced for the first time and just don't know where to start. In any case, we can help. You will be satisfied with our work, high level of service.

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We know that you will always be able to help You.