Mortuary services
in difficult times
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uslugi morgMortuary services include: storage bodies in the morgue, embalming, washing, dressing, cosmetic service. Human psychology is arranged in such a way that when faced with the death of a loved one emotion prevails over reason. Tears and heartache for the person who died automaniac mind and conduct in the confusion further actions of relatives and friends. All men are mortal, but despite this knowledge no one can prepare for death in advance. Funeral problems fall on the shoulders of a miserable and confused relatives. 

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Transportation of the body to the morgue.

Transportation of the body to the morgue is the first action which we can help You. Turning to us for help, our staff will promptly leave at the specified address to transport the body to the morgue. Staff with the responsibility will prepare the body, will carry the deceased to a special car and taken to the morgue. Funeral services mortuary will provide a price list with fixed prices for any category of the population. 

Storage bodies in the morgue

Germs and bacteria living in the human body, after his death, begin to feed on the walls of the stomach and intestines, thus eroding them. After some time, as a result of this process, the human body starts to smell unpleasant smell. It is therefore necessary to place the body of the deceased to the morgue for storage. Mortuary services Kiev transporterowych body in a cooling chamber exposed to freezing temperatures, to preserve the body until burial.


Funeral Mourning provides mortuary services and the complex of accompanying services:

  1. Loading and transportation of any complexity.
  2. Transport of the body to morgue, morgue to the house or to the place of burial in the memorial hall to bid farewell to relatives and loved ones.
  3. The embalming of the body.
  4. Renovation and reconstruction of defects of the face and body after a suicide strain.
  5. Keeping body in a special fridge for the required time.
  6. Formalin deodorization to eliminate the smell of rotting bodies.
  7. Experts puts the body in a sanitary and hygienic treatment.
  8. The mortuary staff will wash and change clothes of the deceased to conduct the funeral. Quality cosmetics will make post-mortem makeup and you need to cut, shave or comb your hair. Put the deceased in a coffin and prepared for the farewell ceremony and the funeral.


Delivery of body to morgue

Transportation of the body to the morgue in Kiev was happening in a short time and is equipped with a shelf and fixed the car. Body transportyou from any point of the city and the suburbs. Funeral wreaths and funeral merchandise can be purchased at our funeral home. Wide assortment and reasonable prices enable selection of wreaths, baskets, shawls. Also a large selection of caskets, you can order a coffin of any size, made of different wood.
Support, transporting the body to the morgue and all funeral events will help to organize our ritual agents. Long-term experience of our employees allows you to avoid unexpected troubles at the funeral. They will power any of Your wishes or the dying wishes of the deceased. Relatives is much easier to transfer the bitterness of loss, when funeral arrangements does our funeral home.

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