Cleaning graves
in difficult times
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cleaning of graves in KievIn the world since ancient times bury their dead in the cemetery is the last resting place of the deceased. Cemeteries of big cities is a vast territory that is the human memory of the living about the dead. You always want to come at a grave to deceased relatives. Clean, well-maintained grave is peace of conscience and a sense of accomplishment from the close relatives of the deceased. But not everyone has possible to carry out the cleaning of the graves and tidy the fence. Someone is very busy, someone weak and alone. Some people left their homeland, but keep in memory the images of departed relatives and want to know what grave in proper condition.

The funeral "Mourning" offers its services for the care of graves in Kiev and region – weeding, collection and removal of garbage, planting flowers, landscaping, painting the fence, replacement of outdated photographs on the monument, if you have no ability to implement the above actions..

Qualitative cleaning of graves with photos – 1000 UAH. Call us! (044)568 06 27

Thanks to the work of our Bureau, the place of burial will find well-maintained appearance. If you are interested in the care of graves in Kiev, read the information on the scheme and the types of services provided.

The photos of the cleaning of the graves

Care for the graves from a funeral home MOURNING:

  1. Cleaning (cleaning and trash removal);
  2. Weeding weeds and grass;
  3. Planting some decorative shrubs in the burial site (without the cost of shrub);
  4. The sink, tombstone, monument, tomb;
  5. Processing tombstones special antispasticity means from rain;
  6. The restoration of the tomb after the natural shrinkage of the soil and education/amendment gravestones of the hill at the burial site;
  7. Painting metal fence/ cross;
  8. The improvement of the place of burial by sand filling/ marble grit/ granite chips;
  9. The installation of the flooring slabs of the paving;
  10. Update photos on the tombstone;
  11. Partial update planting or introduction of plants;
  12. Gardening of graves;
  13. Watering green trees at the burial site;
  14. Cutting the grass at the burial site manually;
  15. The laying of bouquets or baskets of flowers (in winter of dried flowers) and wreaths in the specified date;
  16. Winter decoration of the graves of branches of conifers;
  17. Clearing snow.

After a long winter every grave need to put in order: clean up garbage, weeding, wipe the monument, to care for landscaping.

The staff of the funeral "Mourning" have years of experience in the care of the graves in the cemetery are equipped with all technical means required for the provision of professional care for the graves.

Care for the graves Kiev Cleaning of tombs and graves in Kiev and Kiev region


You can choose a scheme for the provision of cleaning services graves:

  • Permanent care of the grave, (on-schedule);
  • One-time cleaning of the grave;
  • Cleaning the graves by a certain date (to be agreed with the client);
  • The subscription service (annual upkeep).


The report on the done work

To see the results and verify the quality of the on-site burial can personally. And to the customer (which may not come) there is no doubt in the results, we sent pictures of the work done before and after the implementation of ordered actions, to the email address of the customer.


The price for the cleaning of graves – 1000 UAH

The staff of the Bureau of "Mourning" alone go to any cemeteries in Kiev and the region for work. The price of cleaning of graves in Kiev and the region from 1000 hryvnia. Also our office can make professional pictures from the burial place and personal errands (not included in the above list).

We know that you will always be able to help You with the cleaning of graves.

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We know that you will always be able to help You.