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The funeral of a loved one – an event that inevitably which is always hard to accept. Out of the abundance of experiences even the most healthy people often have problems with health. What can we say about the representatives of older generation, who without any nervous shock often suffer from pressure, pains in the head and heart seizures. Ritual service "Mourning" will help to ensure the ceremony professional medical advice. During the funeral ceremony, the relatives often feel ill and required medical care, to which it is not always possible. Order, waiting a funeral of one dear person, not to lose the second, you should care about the presence at the funeral of the medical team.

The staff at the funeral is the most effective way to prevent possible trouble.

Caring health workers will be able not only qualified to provide first aid, but also deliver the victim to the nearest hospital, if necessary.

Of course, the ambulance is not always required, but there are several factors that increase the risk of an accident during a funeral ceremony, and therefore require a mandatory presence on it of physicians.

  • First, a large crowd of people, the more people present at the funeral, the greater the likelihood that one of them will be bad.
  • Second, the advanced age of the audience or the presence of chronic diseases, because in a stressful situation, which, of course, include the funeral, the risk of exacerbation of various diseases is particularly high.
  • Thirdly, adverse weather conditions (heat, ice, rain) that can cause deterioration of health from weather-sensitive people.

The death of a loved one, even when its approach to know in advance is always unexpected. It's hard to make yourself believe that the man you had known for years, just up and died. We understand that in such a situation, friends and family, it is hard to cope with grief and with all the necessary bureaucratic and legal procedures and is able to take all this trouble on themselves.

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