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funeral room for goodbyes

The ritual hall is the venue of the memorial service and the funeral and farewell with relatives buried person. In our time are increasingly parting with the deceased consists of two parts – a non-religious funeral and memorial service. Relatives of the deceased rented a special hall for conducting these ceremonies. Turning to the ritual Agency of Mourning, we can hire the hall and the organization of the funeral ceremony.

Our experts attach special importance to the design of the hall, as it requires to create a special funeral atmosphere. During the budget funeral ceremony room function halls must have special elements, without parting at the mortuary cannot be committed.

Must be:

Farewell in the ceremonial hall of the

The funeral service is a special rite molitovke set by the Church for the edification and wire people of the world. All calendar days except festivals of Christmas and Easter you can read the burial of the dead. In the days of the festivals of the dead in a sanctuary not made, and does not do funerals.

funeral room for goodbyes

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There are several types of funeral service:

  1. The funeral service in a ceremonial hall.
  2. The funeral service in Church before the burial.
  3. The funeral service housing, apartment, where will be held the burial.

The decoration of the ceremonial hall for farewell

Grieving tend to bring wreaths and bouquets of natural and artificial flowers. If the client wishes employees can Supplement with natural or artificial flowers and a ceremonial hall. In the decoration of the hall needs to stick to the traditional rules of funeral floristry, usually add white and dark red flowers, branches of coniferous trees and ferns. Funeral agents will provide all the necessary paraphernalia: icons, candles, cross, lamps.

При надобности в зале можно поставить дополнительное ограждение и ширмы. Агенты ритуальной службы Траур позаботятся о приглушении света, чтобы подчеркнуть всю горечь и траур момента. Связавшись с ритуальным агентством ТРАУР Вы сможете заказать церемониальный зал, в указанном районе города. Наша компания обеспечит подготовку и проведение достойных погребений с учётом вероисповедания усопшего, всех обычаев и традиций, а так же личного предпочтения заказчика.

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