Funeral transport
in difficult times
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ritual transportTo deliver to the place of burial, the coffin with the deceased and relatives use a special funeral transport.

A wide selection of vehicles for funeral transportation. Thus, in accordance with your requirements, you will easily be able to select and order funeral transport at an affordable price. We offer cars from economy class up to luxury cars for VIP's funeral. Our fleet includes vehicles that can transport a coffin of any size. We offer funeral transport with a special mounting for transporting the coffin.

The minimum price for the rent of funeral transport in Kiev – UAH 800

Our proposed cost of the order of funeral transportation is always the lowest in Kiev. All car seats after each departure carefully removed, washed, and treated with a special disinfectant solution.


The choice of funeral transport for the funeral

Before you order funeral transport, we suggest to familiarize with the features of our fleet:

  • Auto social orientation, including the GAZelle and PAZ.
  • Transport increased comfort, which carries not only the deceased, but also passengers: minibus Mercedes, Volkswagen and Peugeot.
  • Transport VIP level, which consists of cars, Mercedes and Cadillac, of course, the prices for rent of VIP hearse will be higher than in the rest of the transport.


Ordering funeral transport at affordable prices 

Funeral car GAZelle

Number of seats: 14 pieces

The bus "the GROOVE"
Ritual bus PAZ

Number of seats: 14 pieces


Ritual bus SCANYA

Number of seats: 30 pieces

Funeral bus

Number of seats: 30 pieces

Funeral transportation increased comfort for transportation of the dead body and relatives

The Minibus "Mercedes"

Hearse Mercedes

Number of seats: 14 pieces

Minibus "VolksWagen"

Hearse VolksWagen

Number of seats: 16 pieces

A Minibus "Peugeot" Funeral Minibus Peugeot

Number of seats: 16 pieces

The Minibus "Mercedes" Funeral Minibus Mercedes

Number of seats: 16 pieces

The ritual transport of the elite class

The hearse VIP-class Mercedes Rent Mercedes

Number of seats: 1 pieces

The hearse VIP-class "Cadillac" (black)


Additional services

  • Transporting the deceased over long distances.
  • Rental of funeral vehicles for transportation of the body abroad.
  • Sale of funeral goods.
  • Services funeral agent who will solve all the issues.
  • Sending and meeting cargo 200.

In the funeral "Mourning" are experienced professionals who will carefully listen to all wishes of the client and help him to make a choice - it is just buying a simple attribute or rent a hearse-VIP. In addition, we can ensure qualitative execution of the order and available to You cost. Our staff is ready to help in difficult times. 

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