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The death of a person is always a great sorrow to his loved ones, whose main task – to hold the deceased in the other world, do it with all the honors. Special attention should be paid to the choice of funeral covers. According to Orthodox canons, it is placed in the coffin, and symbolizes that the deceased person is under the protection of God.

What are our traditions?

If you follow tradition, during the funeral service the body of the deceased must be covered from the waist up, and after the ceremony. the priest takes the body of the deceased completely, A short period of time between these two actions – the minutes when the family can say goodbye to the deceased. Important point. If the funeral is not conducted – the person of the deceased covered with a blanket before closing the coffin,


Photos ritual veils (available). Price: 100-3000 UAH 

Varieties covered for the funeral

Before you buy funeral veil, you should learn what they can be. So, among the varieties of products:

  • veils with religious symbols;
  • stamped with printed image;
  • embroidered – in this case, the image is applied by means of threads;
  • atheistic – that is, those that do not contain religious symbols.

In our salon you will find any type of funeral veils. To see it in the catalog with the original photos and accurate descriptions, and further on to the bedspread in the coffin.


About the color and materials

As for the color, the ritual covers should be white. This feature symbolizes that the deceased no longer belongs to the earthly life, he is cleansed from all sin and will stand before the Lord. Material for the quilt is almost any beautiful fabric, which can be supplemented with decorations (only in the Orthodox religion).


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