Funeral transport
in difficult times
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funeral transportSooner or later, everyone wonders where in the case of death he wanted to be buried. No doubt such thoughts of positive emotions never sneaked, but the realization that family and friends will take care of your last resting place as it will be bequeathed gives peace. But what to do in case of a loss of life far away from his home or even in another country? In this case, it will need quick and qualitative transportation of the body subject to all the rules of ritual transport under different temperature regimes and in a variety of weather conditions.

Transportation of the dead body in Ukraine

With such a difficult and tragic task is best handle by experienced professionals of the funeral, which have all the necessary equipment and experience. The funeral "Mourning" provides a full range of services that will be needed in the preparation and conduct of ceremonial ritual, as well as transportation of the dead. When ordering the transportation of the deceased we prepare all necessary documentation requiring transportation.

Funeral transport in KYIV from UAH 800.


Transport The number of seats Price
The minibus "Mercedes" (black) 14 PCs from 850 UAH
Minibus "VolksWagen" (gray) 14 PCs from 850 UAH
The minibus "Mercedes" (white) 14 PCs from 800 UAH
GAZelle 14 PCs from 800 UAH
Minibus "VolksWagen" (blue) 16 PCs from 850 UAH
A Minibus "Peugeot" 16 PCs from 850 UAH
Minibus "VolksWagen" 16 PCs from 850 UAH
Bus "SCANYA" 30 PCs from 1000 UAH
Bus passenger 45 PCs from 1100 UAH


Photo of transport for funeral transport

Minibus "VolksWagen"

Ritual VW

Number of seats: 14 pieces

The minibus "Mercedes" (black)

Funeral Mercedes

Number of seats: 14 pieces

The minibus "Mercedes" (white)

Funeral Mercedes

Number of seats: 14 pieces

The Minibus "Mercedes"

Funeral Mercedes

Number of seats: 14 pieces


Funeral car GAZelle

Number of seats: 14 pieces

The Minibus "Mercedes"

Hearse Mercedes

Number of seats: 14 pieces

Minibus "VolksWagen"

Hearse VolksWagen

Number of seats: 16 pieces

A Minibus "Peugeot"

Funeral Minibus Peugeot

Number of seats: 16 pieces

The bus "the GROOVE"

Ritual bus PAZ

Number of seats: 14 pieces


Ritual bus SCANYA

Number of seats: 30 pieces

Bus passenger

Funeral bus

Number of seats: 45 pieces

Transportation of deceased to another city 

Funeral transport of the coffin are carried out by our Agency on a specially designed hearses. Transport and accompanying documents to the agents of Our company prepared in the fastest possible time. For delivery of the deceased at the appointed time, We are ready to go by day and night. Also provide the opportunity for relatives to accompany the body of the deceased in the course of its transportation to the destination. Transportation of deceased to another city the prices depend on the number of kilometers. Funeral transport of the dead range from 5 hryvnia per kilometer.

Transportation of the deceased to the morgue

 Transportation of deceased in morgue within half an hour after acceptance of the application our agent.

Transportation of the deceased body:

  • the transportation of the body of the victim or his remains to determine the cause of death. This carriage will take police reports on inspection of the scene with the wording "no violent death".
  • transportation of the dead body to the morgue for preservation is when the doctor from the hospital issued a death certificate, or when You have this certificate issued by some other institution entitled to issue such securities.
  • katafalka transportation of the body from home or mortuary to place of burial or to the crematorium, as well as transportation to other cities.

When a specific type of transport requires a separate set of documents and special transport. The Manager of our Agency by phone to advise on all matters of interest, transportation of the deceased with funeral "Mourning" ensures the organization at the highest level and the maximum compression time.

 Funeral transport and services of the hearse. CHEAP!

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Transportation of the deceased should be carried out only in specially equipped transport. After the body was taken to the morgue, after a while you will need a hearse to transport the dead. The ordering of the hearse best done in advance. A hearse needed to transport the body of the deceased from the mortuary to the venue of the ceremonial rite, then, to the place of burial or crematorium depending on the choice of the method of the funeral. For Rodney can be ordered separately funeral transport for transportation to the place of burial, the close relatives can go directly to the deceased in the hearse at designated places.

The transportation of dead bodies

Transportation of the body of a loved one as the funeral will require quick decision-making. To arrange transportation of the dead body without the help of the funeral is difficult. In fact, besides the knowledge of the list of the required documentation need to be organized and responsible person, and a lot of effort to overcome grief befell. To arrange transportation of the body and funeral needs:

  1. To choose the best option and choose the escorts.
  2. Collect all the official papers which confirm the fact of death, and other references are required for transportation to another city or country.
  3. To agree on a price with the agent of our company at the number provided.
  4. To organize the delivery and acceptance of the body to the place of farewell and burial.
  5. To organize all the necessary ceremonial rituals and funeral dinner.