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 Funeral – topic, which is not to say aloud, but because it affected only rarely. As a rule, only when we meet with grief in the death of a loved one, and are left alone not only with your grief, but a sudden fallen problems and concerns. When we lose a relative or friend, it is very difficult to think about organizational matters relating to the funeral. However, it is our duty, the last duty before leaving us a loved one.

 People in grief find it difficult to decide what to do in the first place: to go to the funeral home, to shop ritual supplies or to do something else. The main thing in that moment is to choose the right funeral service services which will help to hold the deceased on his last journey.

 Funeral services Kiev and the region "Mourning"

 Funeral services is a range of activities funeral in accordance with religious rites and national traditions. It includes:

  • services funeral agent. The call agent must be carried out around the clock;
  • paperwork required for burial or cremation;
  • design plot for the selected relatives of the deceased cemetery in Kiev and the region;
  • preparation of the body for burial, which includes certain hygiene and cosmetic treatments;
  • the provision of transport and organization of transportation of the coffin to the morgue or cemetery;
  • body sent by rail, air or by truck for burial in another city and the solution to all related issues concerning transportation of cargo 200;
  • delivery of all necessary shop ritual supplies;
  • services funeral orchestra.

 Unfortunately, in our time, often you can find unscrupulous funeral home. Cooperation with them leads to people not only a waste of money and time, but also additional experiences. Professional funeral services not only will solve all organizational questions connected with the funeral, but will provide psychological support to the relatives of the deceased.

 Funeral products

 The ritual of departure of the person in the last journey requires careful preparation. Important role it plays in the acquisition of necessary attributes which a large assortment is our shop ritual supplies. Where you can buy funeral sets, grave crosses, plaques and more.


 The main ritual attribute of a funeral is the coffin. The custom of burying the dead in coffins spread in Ukraine simultaneously with Christianity. Then there was the attitude to ritual attribute as the last, the eternal dwelling of the person. That is why great attention is paid not only to the quality of the materials from which coffins are made, but also their visual appeal.


 Good store of funeral services and products it offers its customers and other ritual attributes, we are particularly engaged in the sale of funeral flowers and wreaths. Flowers usually live, symbolize the way to heaven, before their burial, the deceased is placed in the head. Wreaths, made of flowers or leaves in the form of rings, are a symbol of the end of earthly life and the transition of the human soul in the world of eternity.


 In funeral wreaths woven tape, containing the labels that show the relationship to the deceased. You can buy tapes with standard labels by visiting the funeral goods store, or order custom-made memorial ribbons.

 Necessary funeral paraphernalia is also a ritual textile. In addition to the memorial ribbons, it include bedding, funeral blankets, towels and funeral clothes, which is manufactured in accordance with Church canons.

 It should be remembered that funeral goods is not only a tribute to tradition. With their help, the relatives and friends of the man, forever left this world, can at last Express their love and respect for him.

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