in difficult times
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Отзывы клиентов о работе ритуального бюро ТРАУР


Елена Ст
Организовывали похороны брата отчима. Все прошло быстро и без накладок. Венки привезли красивые и из свежих цветов. Благодарность Вам!


Светлана Крамаренко
Выражаю благодарность бюро Траур за помощь в организации траурной перевозки и проведении кремации для папы.


Olga Ivanova
Ordered in this Agency cleaning graves for Easter with their relatives. She is now temporarily living in Italy and was not able to come. Made everything very efficiently and the Manager Elena has sent me a photo of the work performed. Thank you very much!


Ilona Larska
I would like to thank for their work the company of Mourning. I didn't know what I was missing, turned back and just sighed. I completely organized everything in the matter of the funeral of my aunt. All issues were resolved quickly and all at a cost not so much. The service, the company excellent, never experienced. Thanks for being so responsible approach to their work.


Margarita Salenko
Thank you very much for your help in organizing the funeral. I think that it is very necessary to the relatives of the deceased, as this mountain is not hard or organizational issues. All done efficiently and quickly. Thank you very much.


Yulia Moroz, Kiev
Was pleased with their work. The funeral they took over,we haven't even pulled on the little things. Their prices are quite reasonable and adequate. Thank you very much for such a service. Recommend.


Juliana Tsalko
Последнее желание нашей тети, проживающей в Литве, было лежать на родине. После ее смерти мы обратились в эту ритуальную службу для организации перевозки ее тела на Украину и организацию похорон. Понравилось, что они оперативно все организовали и похороны прошли на должном уровне, хорошая работа.


Nadezhda Dmitrieva
I have died my grandfather, who lived in Greece. Decided to bury him at home in Kiev. It asked the funeral home. The guys took great care to transportation, everything was done as quickly as possible. Thank you so much.


Gennady, Kiev
We had to help with the funeral arrangements and also in preparation of necessary documents. Now I want to say a huge thank you to this for a worthy performance of our order. Thank you very much.


Want hocheTsTsa the lads for relief from poovan dad. Thank you for Patrico,your luganst I were bazhannia dopomogty versity neleg (UC zdayutsya at the moment) question. Bajan forces I nasnavi from your hard proves, after those scho VI robite tsne unrealistic potribni I Dobri rechi right.SLV are many,but all not write.Just THANK you!!!!!!


Valery SKIF
Faced with the problem transportation of the deceased from Russia to Kiev, but friends suggested the funeral "Mourning". Contacted consultant and he thoroughly and professionally explained the conditions and capabilities of the firm. We it approached, and we not only used the transportation, but also ordered a full funeral. A huge thanks to them, and it's nice when everything efficiently and professionally.


Oleg Bugaev
If dznelia scho our cousin died - TSE CCB shock for vsih. If the kin with znahoditsya for cordon to become the shock DotAsia sche Stan stupor, that scho vpershe z such strolis didn't Yak right organsaving ritualnie transportation that pohorona have taqiy situac. Akrama podyaka people that dopomogli ritually slujb Mourning Yak took organzas vsogo process. VI uberegli Nashi Nervi od dodatkovo stresu I all zrobili Shvidko. Thanks to you.


Arsene Grigorov, Kiev
I want to say thank you guys for helping with the transport from Poland, and also with the funeral. I think only you could do that for me, otherwise the funeral would not take place so early in the morning.


Roman, Kyiv
It was necessary to conduct the funeral, but I didn't even know what to do. Addressed in this office and I fully help their organization. Thank you. The price I paid this organization is acceptable for me.


Sofia Goncharova, Kyiv
I needed help to bury his beloved dog. Officers took the dog and did everything right. Thank you.


Svetlana Cherednichenko, Kiev
I Express my gratitude to the staff of the funeral home Mourning for your help in organising my husband's funeral. Helped with transport, pick out a casket, paperwork. Thank you


When grandpa died, did not know where to begin, he asked in a funeral home "Mourning", it helped us to organize every detail, with prices for services are not sky-high, but quite acceptable.


Andrew Prigornitskiy
Always when the house comes to grief, losing someone close to you needs help with the funeral arrangements. Here we have when my grandmother died, I did not know how to organize everything beautifully, thank you funeral Mourning, took care of everything, the paperwork, arrange the funeral, well done, helped a difficult minute!


Natalia, Kiev
When grandma died, the whole concern about the future of the funeral fell on my shoulders. I was advised funeral service "Mourning", which just took things into their own hands and organized a funeral, taking into account the smallest details. What would I do without you? A huge thank you to the funeral agent Elena.


Irina, Kiev
The staff of the funeral home not only arranged the funeral, but was able in a short time to find a priest, it is a huge plus and the thanks of the relatives of the deceased.


Eugene S., Kiev
I want to thank the ritual agent Elena for full assistance and support during the funeral arrangements. Mortuary services, transportation, casket, clothes, the funeral, everything was arranged quietly and without unnecessary markups and bustle.

Olga Martinova (59)
 The professionalism of the staff, the ratio quality-price, the price of funeral goods are very reasonable in Kiev Disadvantages: the Situation where appeal to the company Referring to company the ritual of "Mourning" so don't expect a competent approach to each particular case. Mount it all mountain. About the same emotions people experience. Probably over the years (and do a ritual agents "Mourning" recognized that working in a company for more than 10 years) have learned and practiced communicating with different clients. On the phone the Manager told me. It was very nice that the woman reacted to our case with kindness and understanding. Explained what to do next, where to turn. It is clear that invited services of funeral agents the company of "Mourning". Yes we were not against, that we've helped. This is useful when you yourself do not have to chase every piece of paper. And ritual items, I do not understand. Finally got a full range of services, you're never overpaying. This is probably pleases me the most: price and quality. With sincere Respect to employees of the company of "MOURNING". Prosperity to You and prosperity!


Valentin Andreyevich (52)
 Recently died my wife, with whom he lived in love almost 33 years. For me now it is a great loss in life, and then I just didn't know what to do. Well the son helped to organize the entire procedure. Found via the Internet company of "Mourning".

The services of the firm were satisfied. Ritual agents had all the necessary advice and assistance. That's what I spodviglo to write a review on this site. 


Anatoly Mikhailovich (24)
 Used the services of funeral service "Mourning" recently. Of course, now a very large number of the funeral home, and the choice among living wreaths and coffins on the market, very solid. Found offer funeral services from this office, via the Internet. Liked the website and the services, decided to call. In a short time the agent came and helped to make all necessary procedures on registration of documents and obtaining death certificates.

Complaints of workload I have.

Victor D. (not specified)
 Have used integrated service funeral economy class. Cost as promised. Was also produced free advice by kind of burial, a ritual well-organized transport.
I was chosen cremation. Funeral agent independently collected and processed necessary documents. Criticism from my side is missing completely. 


Violetta V. (46)
 Personally thank you Elena and Alexey for the help and providing moral support to me in this situation. The world is not without good people and we are pleased that funeral services have such people. A special thank you for the wreaths of artificial flowers, which to this day has not faded in the cemetery.

Nicholas (25age )
 I sincerely thank the staff of the funeral service of Mourning. We wish your service to thrive and continue to delight its customers with quality services. Guidelines on Orthodox issues and courtesy of the agents at the funeral services.Assisted in the funeral service close to me in the Orthodox Church in the city Vasilkov Kiev region. For all the traditions and rituals.


Boris (44)
 There was a desire to carry out the reburial of the deceased brother.
The reburial is fraught with many difficulties, as did I, from which for a long time and did not dare to take such a step. Registration certificate, certificate of death and obtaining permission for exhumation... not a complete list of what had to go.

The staff of the funeral service of Mourning helped to carry out these and other necessary work promptly and wisely as possible, from the point of view of traditions of the Ukrainian people and faith.

I mourned the loss and the need to make the procedure of reburial of the body close, barely could take on all these additional concerns, without a funeral service.
Thanks to the Agency of Mourning for this, they represent funeral service.

Elena (54)
 Asked to formulate a brief impression on the service of Mourning, to leave a review positive or negative? Here the answer is positive.
The business relation is left after all the procedures and processes of ritual burial, and burial. It's really hard to lose loved ones and people you fancy. But in case that you still have to go through, look to the firm for funeral service — the funeral service of Mourning.
That's about it.

Vitaly (28)
 In fact have used only the transportation of the deceased, so everything else is ordered from the other funeral service, and transportation of the deceased were not included in the list of services they offer.
Everything was done in accord with the oral agreement and without any censure on my part. Later regretted not eating a full range of funeral services, the Agency of Mourning. Initially the service focused on the full range of funeral services.

Svetlana (22)
 Company Mourning gave me all the ritual services in Kiev, the full range, which allowed me to save time and money. People don't often think about money in the background such a shock and tragedy that often achieve high prices in this area. Funeral service Mourning, running only at normal prices and not deceiving people in an unhappy state of mind.

Thank you from all my heart!


Dmitry (26 years)
 Funeral services... funeral services, wreaths, cargo-200... Goosebumps, right?
Recently I had to deal with it what is called "face to face". People break down after that, losing interest in life. It seems that in this world you have nothing... it can turn into paranoia if there would not close and beloved friends and colleagues ready to help.


Igor (59)
 Caring wife at my age, a serious blow. You know. The funeral and transportation of bodies is a difficult and extremely unpleasant procedure. "Mourning" has facilitated it for me — provided a bus for the funeral of VIP class, which all close in comfort could drive to the cemetery. To the fullest extent possible "was removed from the hassle," so I could only provide the needed information, the rest of the professionals of the funeral service themselves did.

Thank you. 14.02.2010

Valentine (43)
 About a year ago died very dear to me. This event left an indelible mark in my life... the People who really helped me in this difficult moment, these are my real friends with whom I still keep in touch to this day.

Such events are always associated with high costs and difficulties, it is therefore important to choose people who are engaged in funeral services for a long time, but has not lost sympathy for the people and not waiting only for money looking you in the eye and nodding his head sympathetically.

Such professional people I our in the Mourning and I recommend that you contact and take advantage of their funeral services, so that the bitter events of the care of your loved ones were a little bit easier.


Nicholas (age 26)
 People know their job and do it professionally, though the matter is serious.