The presence of a priest
in difficult times
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Calling a priest for a funeral

 If the deceased was a believer, a funeral rite our company that You have entrusted the care of the funeral, arrange for the presence of the priest to match the religion of the deceased. The priest at the funeral will do all that is necessary in this case rituals (the funeral, the sealing of the tomb, washing) will advise you where and how to order a Requiem service, as to spend after the burial rituals, required of believers of all religions. In addition, in this difficult time of life You will not be alone.

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 Help the servant of God is a must, it is his word, kindness, confidence, and correctness of conduct, will provide You with necessary support. Prayer will encourage You, will help to gain strength for the continuation of life. We can conduct with due respects to the funeral of people of any religion as it should be according to the Holy canons.

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