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Order for production of the monument

  For centuries, the stone monuments symbolized eternity and firmness. Loss of a loved one is always a great sorrow. Passes a certain period of time, and we strive to perpetuate the memory of the dead with tombs of stone. The modern market of funeral services does not create problems for those people who do not know where to order the monument in Kiev and the region. Our specialists will help you determine the best option gravestones and to make the right choice.


The process of making monuments is very time consuming and difficult. That is why we direct manufacturer of tombstones real professionals.

Manufacturer of memorials, monuments and gravestones made of natural stone is a priority direction of activity of our company. For all time of existence of the company, we have proven our customers that our friendly and close-knit team of highly qualified professionals ready to make a monument of any complexity.
Monuments, memorials and tombstones of stone in the range of our catalog, you can choose in our office when making funeral arrangements.

  In our company You can order the monument as a standard sample, and tombstones made on an individual project. The main principle of our company is loyalty and individual approach to each client, as well as the calculation of the cost of the finished product, taking into account financial possibilities of the customer.

  Monuments to order – a variety of solutions that best meet all the requirements and wishes of the customer:

  • Typical monuments – in this category you can find monuments and tombstones in any price range, starting from economy class and ending with the exclusive products;
  • Exclusive monuments – the value of the monument is expressed in an individual decoration;
  • Elite memorials and tombstones – this type of jewelry is made from expensive starting materials on an individual project.

The order and value of the monuments, headstones and memorials. Thanks to the work of our company and large number now you know where to order the monument the grave. To manufacture monuments to order, our specialists will need a minimum of time. The cost of the monument will depend entirely on materials, decoration, as well as the individual wishes of the customer.

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