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Похороны для родственников усопшего всегда большая трагедия, мероприятие которое проходит обычно как в «тумане». Оптимальный выход заказать организацию погребений в агентстве. Тогда Вы получите гарантии того, что все нюансы будут учтены во время проведения церемониальной процессии.

Большинство граждан сейчас отдают предпочтение все же заказывать организацию похорон, мероприятие проходит организованно и поэтапно, выполняются все традиции верований семьи и умершего человека. Выбор ритуальных принадлежностей является одним из важнейших моментов организации похорон. Покрывало, гроб, надгробие, погребальные ленты и венки нужно подбирать учитывая возраст усопшего и его вероисповедание.

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Our Agency is Mourning obligatory takes into account the wishes of the family, who try to Express their love and respect to the deceased, ordered expensive model of the coffin, wreaths of flowers, framed by funerary ribbons or exclusive wreaths with individual labels. If the person was famous, had a high position or rank, I advise you to order an elite organization of funeral. Assistance in organizing the funeral, offers funeral parlor Mourning, and funeral consultants will help to understand all questions.

Организация похорон с помощью ритуального агентства ТРАУР даёт возможность избежать лишних финансовых затрат и получить полный спектр ритуальных услуг недорого.

Preparation of the body of the deceased for forgiveness is of great importance. The appearance of the deceased into the body of the "sleeping person" includes embalming, sanitary and cosmetic processing, the elimination of post-mortem lesions and odor. Listed a number of actions saves should view the deceased throughout the funeral and during the grieving with the body provides loved ones the opportunity to touch him or kiss without hesitation.


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Full funeral

When faced with the death of a loved one, there comes confusion. There is no standard pattern of action helping family to organize the funeral in Kiev's right. To conduct a funeral, to avoid unpredictable circumstances need to have an idea about the main stages of the funeral. Proper organization and conduct of the funeral consists of several phases, which in a logical chain follow one another.

The stages of organization of the funeral:

  1. Notification of the police and ambulance staff about the death.
  2. The medical opinion about the death.
  3. Fee-for-service mortuary.
  4. Obtain from the authorities of the death certificate, as well help for social benefits.
  5. The ordering of the ceremonial utensils.
  6. Ordering a cremation in a crematorium or burial.
  7. Preparation of transportation to the morgue of things for a dead man.
  8. Fixing the date and time of issue of the body from the morgue.
  9. The ordering of the hearse for transportation.
  10. The organization of the ritual of farewell to the deceased (order of the priest, orchestra).
  11. The organization of the funeral.

When you call the funeral parlor of Mourning, you get a complete funeral to meet all the above points. Funeral price stated in the price list on the website of the company. We will help to organize a funeral in any district of Kiev. Expert consultants have many years of experience, daily meeting and solving the issues related to funeral arrangements. Funeral economy class Knowing the pain of losing a loved one, we can arrange a cheap funeral and to comply with all parts of funeral rite.

The company's staff is Mourning with understanding and respect for the people who have suffered the death of a loved one and carry out work quickly and efficiently.

Funeral in Kiev economy class (5000 UAH.) is a set of services:

  • the coffin, covered with silk fabric (color customer's choice);
  • veil, you can add religious ornament;
  • wreaths of artificial flowers and fir-trees;
  • a mourning ribbon with the inscription template;
  • a cross of wood or metal;
  • a hearse to move the body from the house to the place of burial;
  • shipping supplies in the city.

A man who has lived a decent and long life, is entitled to burial with all the traditions and honors.

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