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uslugi morgDuring the funeral of the paperwork after the death of one of the most critical periods. For a quick procedure of obtaining documents necessary to examine the whole list of documents required. Execution of documents after death is carried out in the respective institutions. This procedure takes place only upon presentation of a passport are responsible for arranging the funeral. The applicant may be a relative of the deceased, and the other a citizen who has committed for and funeral.

Document each kind of medical organization or by the Registrar's office requires a thorough check list of the records. Special attention must be paid to date, the accuracy of the writing of the official personages of the column indicating the name of the name and patronymic of the deceased, dates of birth and death, places of birth and death, as well as a clear indication of the causes of death. You must ensure that the papers were duly stamped and signed by officials.

To call a funeral agent for registration of documents for the funeral you can call: (044) 568 06 27

What documents are needed for registration of death

Чтобы получить медицинское подтверждение о смерти надо предъявить паспорт особы заявителя, а так же паспорт, амбулаторную карту и если имеется полис медицинского страхования покойника. При проведении оформления гербового свидетельства нужен паспорт особы, которая заявляет о смерти, паспорт покойника, подтверждение о смерти.

In the preparation of documents for the funeral myself when it is necessary to have: the passport of the person responsible for burial, official confirmation of death, the receipt is a contract for services with a ceremonial confirmation of the order number of the new grave. Mourning the Bureau provides help in obtaining the necessary paperwork related to funerals. Don't waste time and nerves on paperwork and trust funeral home Mourning.

Documents for registration of inheritance after death

According to the laws there established a list of documents in probate after the death of the testator:

  1. The application of the inheritance on the lawful bases.
  2. The certificate on assignment of identification number of a successor.
  3. The document confirming the death must be certified by the stamp issued to the civil registry office or court on the recognition of the testator is deceased.
  4. The passport of the successor.
  5. The will (if any).
  6. Papers, an blood ties: birth certificate of the child; the court's decision on confirmation of cohabitation or kinship relationship with the deceased; marriage Certificate.
  7. Paper showing the place of opening the inheritance: the house register registration of permanent place of residence of the deceased or a certificate of final place of residence issued by the housing cooperative.

The documents you need on the movable and immovable property that is inherited:

  • title deed of the property and land
  • banking agreement
  • technical passport of the vehicle
  • articles of Association or factory part which needs to inherit the extract from the state register EDRPOU,
  • extract from the list of owners of precious papers.

The documents granting the right to part of the land and property may be evidence of right to property: the deed, certificate about the right to share or agricultural part of the contract of purchase and sale, the court's decision and the state act on the ownership of land. One must notice that without a statement of acceptance of the heritage of the probate case will not be opened. The absence of all other securities is not a hindrance for the institution of this case.

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