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Tradition of installation of the cross on the grave originated a very long time. Put them a long time ago the Celts in order to protect the soul of the deceased from evil spirits and different not clean. On the mounds of the ancient Incas used two sticks connected together, symbolizing the four ends of the world. At this time, the crosses on the graves of the deceased put as a tradition, but for Christians they are of great importance.

Cross put on the grave as a symbol of human faith. It is a kind of bridge, he accompanies the deceased person, in another world.

Made ceremonial crosses on the grave of various materials. A wooden cross is set on a fresh grave, as heavy construction is still impossible to determine because the land will sink. Set at the end of the year can be a cross of metal or granite. Buy a cross on a grave in a funeral home Mourning. Our catalog has a wide and varied selection of crosses. You can opt for a suitable option from the catalog or order the production on his own sketch.


The price of funeral crosses

  • The cross on the grave – from 650 to 1000 hryvnia


Crosses for funeral (photos)

See the built-in online gallery:

Wrought iron cross on the grave

In the market for funeral goods presents many varieties of wrought-iron crosses on the grave. But according to Orthodox traditions only used the Evangelical cross. It is made of diverse parts – the two parts are perpendicular to one opposite the second, and the distance between them is different from the bottom, more top less. Craftsmen of our company have been manufacturing for individual orders forged crosses.Forged crosses are combined with other materials. Since they are made of metal that will fit perfectly into any environment. The cost of the cross includes manufacturing, priming and painting of the product. These crosses are set at various sizes, look good with marble and granite monuments. And also go well with other wrought iron items at the place of burial. Prices on the cross on the grave specified in the price list on our website. You can also order a wrought iron fence to the grave on sketches or photos.

A wooden cross on the grave.

Most common gravestones are Christian Orthodox crosses. Wood cross on the grave of the set as a symbol of belief in God, the eternal life and the resurrection of the dead people.The usual Orthodox cross is more suited to a Christian than an expensive monument. Our company provides a large variety of hardwood and softwood for making crosses: 

  • pine;
  • yew;
  • oak
  • iroko.
In the ritual Agency "Mourning", You can purchase the standard model of Orthodox crosses, or to order a cross with highly artistic carving. We use to thread the elements of Christian symbolism, Byzantine and old Russian ornaments. Cross processed with a special varnish that forms a water-repellent film. And to get rid of small pests, apply an antiseptic.

It is possible to order the cross on his own sketch. We give warranty on manufactured products, which are made in strict accordance with the canons and traditions of the Church. The crosses are made subject to exposure to weather factors and therefore have quite a long lifespan. 

Our funeral Agency has:

  1. Vast experience in the field of production of ritual paraphernalia;
  2. Our own carpentry workshop;
  3. New equipment;
  4. Availability of qualified personnel;
  5. Quality material for making crosses;
  6. A flexible pricing policy;
  7. Foreign paint products.

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