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The death of a loved one is a difficult loss for everyone. No matter sick or he was completely healthy, had a lot of friends or on the contrary – pushed away others with their actions, to accept that it will never be impossible. In such situations, all that remains is to provide a decent burial. Their organization is not easy, especially for those who are faced with grief for the first time.


  1. Call 103 ambulance and the police.
  2. To issue a death certificate.
  3. Contact the Registrar's office (place of residence).
  4. Submit documents to the passport office.
  5. The death came not at home: what you should know?
  6. The man died at the hospital.
  7. How to organize a funeral.
  8. Funeral Mourning.

People died at home: first steps

If the person died at home, before arranging the funeral, must do the following:

1. To call an ambulance 103 (local doctor) and the police. They must:

  • to examine the body, to fix the time of death of the deceased;
  • delete (confirm) the likelihood of violent death;
  • to issue the relevant documents (cover sheet and Protocol inspection body).

Before the arrival of law enforcement personnel and medical facilities is impossible to change the position of the dead body and its surrounding objects (despite the absence of signs of unnatural death).

2. Contact the clinic to arrange a death certificate and to decide on the need of the deceased for autopsy. In this case you need to have:

  • documents issued by the police and ambulance;
  • medical card of the deceased (if she is at home);
  • passport (your dead person).

In the case when the corpse sent to the morgue for autopsy to ascertain causes of death certificate issued in the morgue. In the medical establishment going after the examination: take the card of a deceased person with a record of postmortem epicrisis.

You should know, the autopsy of the dead by the age of 60 years do not necessarily. Relatives of the deceased have the right to refuse this procedure, but they must provide law enforcement history for the last month of his life. For statement the Protocol of inspection of a corpse, patient card and the passport of the deceased, accompanying sheet.

The family will meet if the medical history indicated that a deceased relative was seriously ill and was registered at the dispensary. The disclaimer from the postmortem examination are in the morgue.

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After collecting the documents (report of survey of a corpse, the form of statement of death, the conclusion of medics) are sent to Prosecutor's office: take permit for burial.

3. To go to the registry office (place of residence) to take:

  • the death certificate of the established sample;
  • the stamp certificate on death.

In the organs recording acts of civil status are issued a certificate which you can use to receive financial assistance from the state to conduct the funeral. Passport of the deceased is left in the registry office.

4. Write a family member out of the apartment. To the passport office serves:

  • the statement with the request to remove the deceased from registration by place of residence;
  • a copy of the death certificate.

The documents give the passport, after which the procedure statement is completed. If the utility bills came in the name of the deceased, you need to correct the registration data of the relevant services. Call the number provided in the invoice, telling information about his death. Then take a copy of the certificate and the statement to the institution.

The death came not at home: what you should know?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine at what point the person will die. This can happen both at home and elsewhere in the country, in a strange city. In such situations, the first steps are:

  1. Called an ambulance, the police of the district, which was dead.
  2. Submit the required documents (Protocol of inspection of the corpse, the direction of the deceased forensic autopsy) sent the body to the district morgue: the medical examiner the cause and time of death.
  3. After conducting post-mortem examinations issued a medical death certificate. Take the passport of the deceased, and your.
  4. Apply to the Registrar for the receipt of death certificates with a seal. Stamp without evidence of the transportation of the body to another mortuary not carried out.

The man died in the hospital: what should be my first steps?

When people die in hospital, responsibility for dissemination of hard news rests on its employees: on death to relatives according to the doctor and a nurse. From them you can also find out where the body and how to take medical opinion. As a rule, the family of the deceased can be in the hospital until transport it to another mortuary or place of burial. A certificate of death with a coat of arms certificate of take in the registry office, after issuing the health care provider of the corresponding document.

The death of a man: how to organize a funeral


Collecting documents is not the most severe that "falls on the shoulders of the" relatives of the deceased. We need to think about funeral arrangements. It is important to allocate time to observe the sequence of actions. Just do it, because a lot of stress and emotions get in the way to make the right decisions. In such difficult for all family members situation may arise discrepancies in the conduct of ritual procedures, other differences related to the burial process. You can try to "pull themselves together" or to instruct his organization to friends, but the most optimum variant – to go to the funeral home that specializes in the provision of funeral services.

Funeral Mourning: what we offer?

  • The specialists of our funeral home is always ready to help organize a decent funeral. Their services include:
  • the definition of the method, date and time of burial. As a rule, the burial of the deceased is performed on the third day after death, but the exact day prescribed relatives (sooner or later). The choice of the method of burial depends on the willingness of relatives or the deceased. If life with him any wishes was not conduct a traditional funeral. It is necessary to determine the cemetery in advance to buy a place to prepare the grave. The last task will help to manage the employees of the cemetery;
  • sale of funeral goods. Every funeral home to buy clothes for the deceased to pick up the shoes, the veil, to order a coffin and wreaths are individually decorated;
  • transportation of the body of the deceased and wishing to spend his last journey to the place of burial (transportation of body to mortuary, funeral transport in Ukraine and worldwide - Cargo 200). 
  • music for the funeral.

The other funeral rites are discussed with the Ministers of the Church. The transfer of the coffin with the dead – the liability of the professionals of the funeral home (in most cases).

The funeral is over the food at home or pre-ordered a cafe or restaurant (if a lot of people and not enough time to cook). To reduce the search space to Wake you, if you just ask for help at the funeral home. His workers are ready to offer a full range of funeral services in Kiev, to assist in organizing and conducting the funeral.

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