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Tradition to bear on the grave of a deceased person the flowers came from the old times. The flowers for the funeral and their color depend on the customs and habitats. People are interested in, what flowers for a funeral to wear to show grief for the deceased person. Most people choose roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, tulips and orchids. In Ukraine, the color of the flowers to the funeral also plays a role. Often the funeral, the relatives are red carnations and pale rose. Relevant is the bouquet, which in life he loved the deceased person. You can learn about it from friends.


  1. Flowers for a funeral man.
  2. Flowers for a funeral woman.
  3. What flowers to buy for funeral?
  4. Flowers for a funeral children.


Flowers for a funeral man

To choose flowers for a funeral for men carefully. For these purposes, the closest people choose bouquets of bright colors: black, white, red and yellow. Many people are interested in what flowers to the funeral of a man not fit. The answer to this question appears pink color plants with delicate flavor. After all, they are more suitable for the fairer sex.

Traditionally, male relatives give bouquets cool shade. With their help, the friends and relatives show grief. Also people give the bright red plants, which symbolize passion and pleasant relationship.

Flowers for a funeral woman


What flowers for a funeral woman is best to bring:

  • Young girls choose plants of pink and white shades, emphasizing virginity and innocence.
  • For middle-aged women pick flowers purple and yellow color.
  • Quiet homemakers choose pastel shades.
  • For women achievers to perform dozens of cases, suitable for bouquets saturated palettes.

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What flowers to buy for funeral?

After the loss of a relative, people have a question about how many flowers for a funeral to buy? Often, loved ones are an even number of plants, not more than eight pieces. If citizens are interested in what flowers to buy for funeral? The answer to this question, are live plants and funeral wreaths of natural flowers. People are interested in what the flowers are for a funeral for the children. In this case, it all depends on the age:

Flowers for a funeral children

  • For small children, choose plants cream shades.
  • The students give white flowers.
  • For teenagers choose violets, lilies and white roses.



Children often give small bunches, which are lighter shades than the older generation.

If people are interested in what flowers bring to the funeral, it is carnations and roses. In European States is dominated by yellow, which symbolizes sadness and longing. Usually the number of colors to a funeral is from two to eight. To determine what color flowers for a funeral buy, it is important to remember which plants the person liked in life. In women, it's easy to remember, but men do not have a passion for bouquets. Therefore, those people who are interested in what flowers can be at the funeral to give the men have to pay attention to red chrysanthemum, white rose, cool shades of plants.

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