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The death of a loved one is the most tragic event in the life of every person. In the hour of remembrance is difficult to find the right words that would Express all the grief. To do the Eulogy at the funeral needs of the person who will be able to control your feelings not to extend its duration and to Express the right words of comfort. How to say that the deceased was a great man? Words can't describe his best qualities and not to overreact? Read the ethics of remembrance and the basic rules of what they say at the funeral.



  1. Speech at the funeral
  2. Examples of funeral speeches funeral
  3. Speech at the commemoration of 40 days.
  4. Speech at the funeral of 1 year
  5. A Eulogy for mother, for wife.
  6. A Eulogy for father, for husband.

Speech at the funeral

Burial has a strong emotional impact on family members because the Eulogy at the funeral should be pronounced strong-willed and mentally stable person. Most often this duty applies to children of the deceased, spouses, and parents.

Long sentences and phrases "about nothing" - a lot of debate, not a funeral speech. Don't say long inspirational speeches. Your speech must be sincere.

The Eulogy at the funeral is required to be concise and extremely accurate, it cannot be read from the leaflet. Lack of preparation or poor family will perceived as disrespectful to the deceased. Do not retell the entire life of a person — it is better to tell the audience about the brightest episodes of his life, the achievement that everyone will remember.

Most importantly, that you described the situation showed the deceased with the best hand and showed his positive qualities. Will be good if you introduce an act that you personally appreciated. Even in the most grumpy person can find a couple of good qualities:

  • On grasping the person can say: "Caution and foresight — these are the characteristics that we could learn from the deceased".
  • Suspicious: "He was well versed in the people."
  • Grumbling about: "the Departed taught me to critically look at the world".
  • About stupid: "He was so trusting and naive person".
  • Arrogant about "He knew what he wanted from life and realistically assess their opportunities."

It would be appropriate, if you briefly share about your personal relationship with the deceased. Tell care or good deed that has influenced you, Express confidence that the significance of the deceased is shared by all who gathered at the funeral. Do not resort to platitudes and an abundance of verbal participle phrases, remember to speak from the heart!

The Eulogy at the funeral should not include failures or defects of the deceased. Mention of the moral maxims, which he held and smoothly move on to the debriefing. Tell us about the benefits brought by the deceased people and about the significance of his life. Complete with epitaph or traditional words "memory Eternal" or "May he rest in peace".

Examples of funeral speeches at the funeral

Start your speech at a funeral with a view. Guided by such examples of speech at the funeral:

  1. «Хочу представиться тем, кто со мной не знаком: меня зовут Андрей и я работал вместе с Олегом последние годы. Потому я хотел бы высказать памятные слова о нем. Все на работе знали Олега, как специалиста своего дела и профессионала с большой буквы. Молодые коллеги всегда учились его мастерству и пользовались полезными советами.

    He was a very sympathetic person, always listened to others and tried to help them. Oleg could easily cheer up anyone who was upset or distressed. He always shone at corporate events and has entertained us on your lunch break, because we will miss him. Another such person in our team and, most likely, will not. We all will miss Oleg. He will forever remain in my memory a model of sincerity, activity and cheerfulness. Rest in peace, friend!"

  2. «Меня зовут Ольга и я хочу выразить слова в память о моей бабушке. У Софьи Андреевны была непростая судьба. Мать воспитывала ее вместе с младшими сестрами в тяжелые послевоенные годы. Они жили очень бедно, но бабушка никогда не теряла силы духа и оптимистического настроя.

    She always helped her mother with the housework and tried to take care of younger sisters. Years later she married grandpa, who served in the military. In any case, the grandmother kept order in the house and taught him all of us. In my childhood she was always strict but at the same time fair. I'm glad she taught me accuracy and neatness, and the ability to organize life and keep everything clean. Her Apple pie was always unmatched, nobody is able to repeat this recipe! My favorite grandma, I will always remember you and love you. Your care and warmth will always be with us, rest in peace".

Speech at the commemoration of 40 days

The room grave is the main part of the ritual on this date. Bring a candle and fresh flowers. Lay them on the grave, light a candle and say a few words about the deceased. Must be respected the atmosphere of peace and tranquility, avoid loud talking and noisy speech. A memorial table for 40 days after death are all close and friends of the deceased. Its purpose is to recall man to discuss his best qualities and values for life. Speech at the memorial service 40 days after death, you can begin with these words:

  • «Прошло уже 40 дней, как нет...»
  • «Дедушка был очень добрым и положительным человеком. Вы помните его знаменитые шутки...»
  • «40 дней назад мы простились с...»
  • «Наша бабушка любила своих внучек больше жизни...»
  • «Вот уже 40 дней я пытаюсь перенести боль утраты моей мамы...»

Speech at the funeral of 1 year

On the anniversary of the death of a loved one it is customary to call a large number of people and collect all at the family table (or buffet). It is customary to lay a lavish table, but it does not boast of luxury and an abundance of treats. You can prepare a few drinks for the mounting of remembrance. For 1 year she prepared a special speech. Everyone speaks freely about the victims, recalls interesting episodes from life and just discussing positive relationship with him.

Eulogy for mother, for wife (examples)

The loss of a loved one — bereavement for family members. Speech at the funeral mom must say her children: "Loved ones and friends! Our family suffered a great sorrow. Of life left the most important component is the mother. She was very wise and modest, her tact and talent could be the envy of everyone. It can be called a real homemaker.

Through her work and attention in our house it was always possible to share your failures and worries, to hide from life's troubles and get support. She never imposed their morals on others and tried to comfort us. Mom gave us warmth and comfort, kept day by day a good relationship and friendship. Mommy, you're not long with us stayed, but left a lot of love that will be enough for several lives. You will forever remain in our hearts!"

Speech at the funeral of the wife expresses the one who was closest to the deceased, i.e. husband. "To this day I find it hard to hold back the tears and to Express what is on their mind. Became my support, my best friend and the love of my life — Ksysenka. Everyone knew her as a very kind woman, who always tried to help my friends and support them.

In our family my wife was home — she was able to organize a life, to reach out to everyone, to listen and give advice. Thanks to her, our house always reigned harmony and love. Rest in peace, my dear, we will always remember you."

traur rech mama


The Eulogy for father, for husband (examples)

Speech at the funeral of the father of his children could be so: «From early childhood, my sister and I regarded our father as the standard of fortitude, to which I wanted to strive for. We admired his character, motivation and the right actions. From childhood he laid superior quality — there is nothing more important than family.

He taught us to be strong and good, to succeed and never give up the dream. Surrounding valued father for his encouragement, and integrity, he always helped others and demanded nothing in return. Unfortunately, the best always go first, this is what happened to our dad. His words and deeds will remain forever in our hearts."

The version of the speech at the funeral of her husband: «Good afternoon everyone gathered to remember my husband. It is very difficult to gather my thoughts and put into words all that I loved dear Anton. In day of our acquaintance he won my sense of humor and spontaneity, and later he began more like my kindness and strength of spirit, for his support and willingness to help others.

When he asked me if I wanted to marry him, I never hesitated. He raised our children with a balance of strictness and kindness, set an example for them every day and help them in all endeavors. I could always rely on him. Dear Anton, we will remember and love you always."


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