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The loss of loved ones – the huge mountain in the life of every person. Even fear of his own death could not overcome the fear of losing parents, children, loved ones, friends. That is why dreams in which, one way or another, there is a funeral procession, are the most dreadful. After such a dream man for quite a long time recovering, trying to dispel the terrible memories of reasonable explanations. Paramount and the ambulance service in this sense there is an appeal to this pulp fiction, like dream interpretation – the funeral.


Чаще всего впечатлительным реакциям после кошмаров подвержена женская часть населения. Интерпретируя большую часть сновидений, как вещие, любая представительница прекрасного пола способна впасть в панику после возможности видеть во сне похороны. Ко всеобщему успокоению стоит обмолвиться о том, что данные кошмары не несут каких – либо угроз или предсказаний в жизнь человека.

Скорее всего, это связано с пережитыми впечатлениями за последние дни, разговорами о смерти или просмотром определенных фильмов или телепередач. Похороны человека во сне в таком случае – лишь продукт жизнедеятельности мозговой активности, выдающий осмысленную визуализацию пережитого.

сонник похороны человека

What does the dream the funeral of a man?

Of course, not to worry in anticipation of something terrible and unpleasant, it is better on awakening to refer to the scientific works on the interpretation of dreams, collected over the history of mankind. It is necessary to warn that the variability of explanations one request dream interpretation to other people's funerals are quite numerous. Also often there are conflicting interpretations. For example, the dream of their own funeral explains how the loss of prosperity and wealth, and the loss of all the trouble that promise the person the successful further development of events.

Often in dreams you can meet these kinds of nightmare:

  • Sleep another funeral.
  • Empty the coffin.
  • Own death.
  • Carry the coffin.
  • To hammer the coffin.
  • Farewell to the strangers.
  • The funeral of relatives.

Dream interpretation funeral of a stranger

Dreams about the presence at the ceremony of farewell to the stranger explained on the descriptive characteristics of action, actions, weather conditions and other minor factors. Dream interpretation funeral strangers focuses on the following aspects:

  • Sunny day is to increase material wealth.
  • Luxury farewell ceremony promises success in all endeavours.
  • The funeral of an unknown child on the contrary promise is problematic concern in business.

The kind of explanation should not introduce a person into depression and set the expectation of the worst. Always keep in mind that dream interpretation, interpretation of dreams funeral – just an idea of possible developments.

Dream interpretation funeral of a living person

A rather unpleasant dream about dead people, but more creepy to experience emotions about the farewell ceremony with a live person. Despite a storm of impressions after such a night's rest, dream interpretation funeral of the living interprets as a favorable sign. Usually such visions are warning about the imminent fun and diverting his personal life. Options deciphering these dreams depend on other factors:

  • Friend whether this person is and what status he is: the friend, enemy, relative, etc.
  • Dream your own funeral or a completely unknown personality is also distinguished by various characteristics.

Dream interpretation funeral of a dead person

To relive the farewell minutes at the grave of a man already deceased suggests several interpretations:

  • The changing weather conditions.
  • A note of caution about the difficulties at work.
  • The signal on the meaning and quality of life of the person.

Although subject to year and day in the sun or dream interpretation funeral is versatile as a symbol of the prosperity of a sleeping person.

Dream interpretation funeral relatives

Family and loved ones, regardless of whether they're alive or dead, dreaming of the person because of the constant feelings and thoughts about them. Referring to this treatise as the dream book, what dream a relative's funeral, you need to remember all the details of his own dream:

  • Farewell to the children, the husband or wife is often a favorable sign.
  • Grandparents and parents can carry both joy and caution on the possible challenges of personal and professional nature.
  • Dream interpretation funeral of a dead relative interprets as a good factor, but the details of weather conditions during sleep may reduce positive effects.

In any case, always it is necessary to understand that the dream – representation of reality that man builds in his mind. And not always these phenomena predict any difficulties. 

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