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Saturday is designed for commemoration of the dead. Each Saturday, but got to the post, may be intended to commemorate, but in a year there are several dates that stand out particularly. They are called Saturday.



Saturday in Orthodoxy

According to Orthodox traditions these days the living pray for the deceased parents, but the Church strongly recommends that you mention not only close relatives but also about all the dead Christians. Saturday require special behavior from the living.

In Saturday in the Church are performed memorial services – lithium, parastasi and Requiem. They usually begin with a Friday night, so order the service at the evening service of the day until Saturday.

Orthodox calendar of 2019

calendar traur

Date memorial Saturday

Memorial weekend dates are not permanent, they move around the calendar. In 2019 Orthodox calendar as follows:

Title Saturday


Universal parent meat-fare Saturday

2 Mar

Saturday Holy Chetyrehchastnaya

23 and 30 March, 6 April


7 may

Trinity Saturday

15 Jun

Demetrius Saturday

2 Nov

The tradition of memorial day

Saturday is a date with longtime traditions and practices. Centuries, the tradition evolved behavior of Christians in these days, so to keep them you need to the present time. To properly conduct parent Saturday need to know what to do in each of these days.

Universal parent meat-fare Saturday

The first Ecumenical Sunday is called Meatfare because it is celebrated on cheese-fare week. On this day in the Church encouraged to commemorate all the dead from Adam to those people who today departed to the other world. On this day in the Church served a special prayer, in which lies the purpose of this day is to pray for all souls.

Recommended to mention in your prayers not only the dead, "from everlasting," i.e., in old age, from old age and disease, and those who prematurely passed away. In prayer we must ask God to pardon such of the dead. Notes on the memorial served during the Liturgy, it is also possible to submit notes on the health, but only for the baptized.

Saturday Holy Chetyrehchastnaya

Chetyrehchastnaya Holy days of lent, it lasts seven weeks. Usually begins in February or March and lasts until April-may. These days the Church advises especially to remember the dead, and make remembrance of the dead. In lent memorial Saturdays are assigned for the week, other days to make the Liturgy is not recommended.


The name parents ' day Radonitsa not for nothing contains the root "rad" is a message alive that this day should be happy and fondly remembering the deceased relatives. It is not necessary to mourn in the day of rejoicing is not pleasing to God.

Radonitsa is an ancient holiday. Its traditions are the most revered. This Saturday not to drink alcohol and to bring them to the cemetery, remembering the dead. The graves are not prohibited to remember the usual dishes, but to bring food to the cemetery and leave her for dead, and leave food on the windowsill, to the late also "ate". In this case, the clergy see pagan traditions and beware of Christians from such actions. For the deceased the most important thing is not food, and prayer of the living about him, and the cherished memory, which is stored on the deceased. Also on the day of rejoicing is strictly prohibited to pray about the suicide.

Radonitsa should not be associated with sadness. In celebration we should rejoice in the new life, because the main meaning of this day – the victory of birth over death. At the same time one should not forget the main purpose of the Radonitsa is time for another meeting with the family, people who loved him in life, therefore, should not overshadow a meeting of weeping and sadness.

The memory of Saint Nicholas

The memory of Saint Nicholas, like carnival, is universal. This is quite a significant event for Christians. A revered tradition since the Apostolic times, in this day is to honor all souls. The commemoration of this day have a special meaning – it is recommended to pray from the dead that came on them the grace of the Holy spirit, cleansed from sin. In churches this is done in the Liturgy and prayers for the dead. The relatives of the deceased can file the note with the names of the dead, that they were remembered in prayer. After visiting the temple, it is recommended to visit the cemetery.

Demetrius Saturday

Demetrius or Demetrius Saturday falls on the Saturday before memorial day Demetrios. Initially Demetrius Saturday was meant to commemorate the soldiers who died in battle for the Fatherland, but later in the day began to commemorate all the dead, so the specifics of parents ' day was erased.

In Dmitrievskaya Saturday recommended to visit the graves of family and order in the Church the commemoration. The Liturgy can serve and the cemetery, and those who can't do, should remember the dead of the house. This day is a little different from the rest Saturday. Recommended to pray for the soul of the deceased and mostly about the parents.

In the morning you can read the prayer for the dead, and the night before to visit the temple, because at that time performed the parastas or great service. Saturday morning served total service. At the parastas Liturgy and prepare notes with the names of the dead. They are read during the service. The names are writing in the Church as people were baptized.

A tradition Demetrius Saturday was the offering of food to the temple. On Canon put the bread, flour, sweets, vegetables, allowed Cahors. After the service, give food to the needy.

Saturday – important days in the Orthodox calendar. They remind me of the transience of life and need to remember not only for the living but also the dead. This element of Christian education, forming good quality in person.

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