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Honoring the memory of the dead is an ongoing process that takes place in the soul of every man. But there are special days in the year when all the people who have lost loved ones, merging into a unified prayer for the dead. Such events are called "Saturday Orthodox" and depend on religious holidays, as well as related posts. Remembrance of the dead, gives them eternal life in the hearts of living people, which, in turn, through the prayer for the dead is the hope of the resurrection.


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  1. Orthodox calendar of 2017.
  2. All the date memorial Saturday.
  3. The correct behavior in the funeral days.

Saturday 2017, the calendar does not always fall on the corresponding day of the week. Quite often funeral days can be any day. The importance of such activities carries with it not only honoring loved ones. These days, the sacred memory of those who gave their lives in solitude and soul of this man there is no one to pray in the world of the living. Such a universal Wake give energy debt, all deceased, regardless of family ties. Although the title at first glance looks like the veneration that is the closest and most native people – parents, it is not so. The wording of such a sample with a meaning of remembrance of all who is related to the genus, and not a particular family, and to the human race.


Orthodox calendar 2017 (Saturday)

calendar traur

Based on the great religious holidays, memorial days, universal had no clear due date, but, nevertheless, have in almost every month of the first half of the year. The shift key Wake can have a two-week period. Saturday in 2017 (Orthodox calendar) distribute thus:


Date Day of the week Description
 18.02.2017   Saturday    Meatfare memorial day is celebrated before the beginning of Shrovetide falls on a week and absolute permissiveness in food. It was after Meatfare Saturday starts the limitations on the use of meat products, but are allowed fish and dairy menu. This Saturday, the calendar of which is in 2017 falls on February 18, is particularly effective in praying for people who died quickly and unexpectedly in accidents, strange circumstances and missing.
 11,18,25.03.2017  Saturday    Second, third and fourth week of lent are celebrated every Saturday and have a cleansing value, especially for living people. Pray for the souls who left the world of the living in the period of strict fasting, akin to a Holy ritual of repentance.
 25.04.2017  Saturday    Radonitsa, a March exactly a week after Easter, contains the meaning to share the joy of Christ's resurrection with dead relatives. To this day it is accepted to carry to the graves of colored eggs and Easter cakes. After the previous three funeral Saturday week of Great lent Radonitsa is replete with abundance of meat dishes, which people use at the cemetery or after his visit.
 9.05.2017  Tuesday    Honoring the memory of fallen soldiers is not tied to religious holidays and days of the week. This event of moral values brings in people the desire for a peaceful existence by the eternal memory of those who gave their lives in the struggle for a bright future.
 3.06.2017  Saturday    Trinity Orthodox Saturday, which describes the annual purification of the soul by the Holy spirit involves higher its sanctification. This day is associated with numerous beliefs and rituals, as prohibiting certain actions and requiring action. The Saturday before the ceremonial holiday, Trinity, allows to remember those who do not have the right to pray Church: suicides, criminals, and other sinners. A celebration of all three sacred relics is considered the most productive in turning to God, and ask as possible for the salvation of the souls of the dead and the living.
 4.11.2017  Saturday    Demetrius commemoration day dedicated to the worship of the exploits of knights, soldiers, fighters of the battle of Kulikovo and other battles. This wording Saturday was in honor of the Holy great Martyr Demetrios.


The correct behavior of people in Saturday

Of course, everyone has the right to honor the memory of their loved ones in any convenient way. But, in practice, we often make mistakes, which will bring more harm than good even in this case, as a remembrance of the dead souls.

If to adapt their behaviour to such a day as Saturday (Orthodox calendar) requires all rules that match a particular religious holiday. Although the rules have some common points, the implementation of which will enrich the day and make it more productive:

  • Should visit the temple to pray under the Church dome, light a memorial candle and leave a memorial products for those in need.
  • When near a cemetery to visit the graves of the dead, to bear them "Goodies" in the form of bread, cookies or candies. Under favorable weather conditions is not prohibited to pray at the burial place of: to pull the weeds, remove the dry grass and so on.
  • It is not necessary to arrange a funeral dinner, a drunken spree. Because alcohol use by Orthodox standards is sin, and to honor the memory and to sin at the same time – is at least not logical.
  • Also in the cemetery should not talk in a raised voice and foul language.

It would be good to remember that Saturday in 2017, as always, not a day of sorrow and mourning, but a time to rethink their actions and life in General.


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