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In the hearts of relatives and friends of the deceased will always remain alive in the same way they live for God. The commemoration, which should be done on certain days, allows you to pay tribute to the dead, asking forgiveness for their souls – and just remember the good that was associated with them in life.


  1. About Saturday in Orthodoxy.
  2. Orthodox calendar for 2018.
  3. The correct behavior in the funeral days.
  4. Sayings and signs.

Dear visitors, memorial days 2019 you will find the new article: Saturday 2019

Saturday in Orthodoxy

The commemoration of the dead in Christianity is held in specially designated days – Saturday. These days associated with reading prayers, holding prayer services it is for the deceased. Memorial services are held these days every Church. Parent days change from year to year based on the dates of their carrying out should know in advance.

Orthodox calendar with commemorative dates 2018

calendar2018 ritual

According to the Orthodox calendar, in 2018 these dates are as follows. Ecumenical parental Saturday, of which only nine are marked by the holding of Ecumenical memorial service, these days are to commemorate each of the Christians dead at any time. Among the most important days of commemoration is considered to be the following:

Date Name Description
 10.02.2018 Meat-fare Saturday Takes place the week before lent, before the Sunday of the dread judgment, suitable for beg for mercy for all deceased Christians. Meatfare memorial day is celebrated before the beginning of Shrovetide falls on a week and absolute permissiveness in food. After Meatfare Saturday starts the limitations on the use of meat products, but are allowed fish and dairy menu.




 Saturdays of lent    Second, third and fourth week of lent are celebrated every Saturday and have a cleansing value, especially for living people. Pray for the souls who left the world of the living in the period of strict fasting, akin to a Holy ritual of repentance. During lent every Saturday can be considered as the parent the full Liturgy can be read only in the rare event, and therefore, it is impossible to pray for the deceased in the right way often. But Saturday allows the deceased to the prayer patronage from loved ones, important from the point of view of Christianity. After the Liturgy on the Sabbath make a memorial service of the deceased.
 17.04.2018 Radonitsa Radonitsa comes on the 9th day after Easter, April 17, 2018, and on this day, the Church resumed the commemoration of the dead, which was interrupted for the Easter week, and before that – the period of Great lent.
 26.05.2018 Trinity Saturday Takes place before the feast of the Trinity, it is often at this time people do not just want to visit the cemetery and pray for the souls of their loved ones, but you do your spring cleaning in the churchyard. Trinity Orthodox Saturday, which describes the annual purification of the soul by the Holy spirit involves higher its sanctification. This day is associated with numerous beliefs and rituals, as prohibiting certain actions and requiring action. The Saturday before the ceremonial holiday, Trinity, allows to remember those who do not have the right to pray Church: suicides, criminals, and other sinners. A celebration of all three sacred relics is considered the most productive in turning to God, and ask as possible for the salvation of the souls of the dead and the living.
 09.05.2018  Victory Day   9 may not only Victory Day, but also the day for prayers for those who died defending the Motherland in the great Patriotic war. On this day, remember and commemorate all the fallen in the Second world war.
 03.11.2018  Demetrius Saturday    Demetrius commemoration day dedicated to the worship of the exploits of knights, soldiers, fighters of the battle of Kulikovo and other battles. This wording Saturday was in honor of the Holy great Martyr Demetrios.


The correct behavior in the funeral days

Homage to the ancestors and deceased loved ones – an integral part of the emotional experiences of each person, and the commemoration is usually held sincerely. But you should know that in this business there are own rules that must be followed to avoid errors that will bring outright harm.

All the canons of the day that you decided to hold the commemoration, should be fully implemented. For each of memorial day, there are private, their own traditions, but there is also a General set of rules, standards of conduct for an Orthodox person that remembers their loved ones in parents ' day.

So, this day should go to the temple and pray, to light a candle for is to give alms, to help the needy by giving them commemorative products. Is to go to the cemetery, if there is such a possibility, leave on the graves of Goodies in the form of cakes or sweets to clean. If conditions allow, cleaning the cemetery and upgrading of the grave one of these days will be very useful.

But Orthodox commemoration excludes alcohol. Alcohol consumption is sinful, and to combine deliberate sin with prayers for the loved ones does not make sense, besides, it is immoral. It is impossible to transform the memorial meal in the Buster. And profanity is prohibited at the cemetery, commemorating must be bright, calm state of mind, nothing should prevent a quiet reverence. Weeping and grief is not a mandatory component of remembrance, cherished memory and the memories of pleasant moments associated with the late best atmosphere for remembrance, after all, despair is a sin.

Sayings and signs in Saturday

 There are a number of signs and sayings related to memorial day, and they all have some folk wisdom. The correct words you can find a lot of things are only words «Пока живы родители – почитай их, а померли – поминай».  The proverb teaches us to remember the deceased good and not spirited, to say goodbye to the deceased and let them go.

What to accept – they exist and even more.

  • On Trinity Saturday in house skid green aspens – it was thought that if the night of its leaves will lose green color, house a year will not be deceased. As for the black leaves in the morning testified to the contrary.
  • On Dmitrievskaya Saturday watched the weather – it is believed that if the day will warm, thaw, and spring will come early, and if the opposite – that spring will be delayed. To this day, it was believed that winter has not yet come, the weather is not established. It is also believed that this freezing of the river.
  • After supper there is nothing to remove from the table, all left for the night as it is. Pancakes, baked this day is also associated with some signs that the first of these quantities must be dead, and if he fell on the floor, it was necessary to pray for protection as this could spell a death in the family. Wedding parent Saturday – also a very bad omen.
  • On any Saturday you can go to the cemetery to commemorate the deceased, and Christian tradition it is forbidden to leave on the graves of alcohol, it is believed that it can only worsen the suffering of the soul, especially if the life of the person was in such a passion. Too lush repast with plenty of food, frequent snacking in the day and drinking are also discouraged. 


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