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Residents of large cities of Ukraine prefer cremation to a traditional funeral. Why is this happening and how are the funeral after cremation, will be discussed in this article.

Cremation as the method of burial of the dead, practised by different peoples since time immemorial. Gradually, many of them abandoned this practice emerged because of religious beliefs. To return to this issue helped the discovery of microorganisms and their effects on living beings. It was established and proven that the burial of the deceased in the earth poisons the land and groundwater and poses a major threat to the living.

Today cremation instead of traditional burial is carried out in almost all developed countries of the world. In the United States and Japan burn up to 98% of all souls, in the Czech Republic to 95% in Sweden, Denmark and the UK – up to 70%. The crematorium is in every city in France, about 1000 furnaces operates in Canada.


Cremation in Ukraine

In Ukraine cremated only 4% of the total number of deaths, but this figure each year continues to grow. Crematorium work in Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa. Equipped columbarium.

In contrast to other countries to get the urn with the ashes in Ukraine, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • The passport of the recipient.
  • The death certificate cremated.
  • A certificate of cremation issued by the crematorium staff on the day of the procedure.
  • Receipt of payment of the cemetery or the columbarium.

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It is obvious that, even if the family or relatives of the deceased will want to scatter his ashes or keep it at home, they still have to pay for a place on a cemetery or columbarium.


Burial of ashes in Ukraine

According to the dying wishes of the deceased or the wishes of relatives, the ashes can be disposed of:

  • Placed in a columbarium. The columbarium represent high walls, comprised of many niches, in which are urns. Every niche is closed memorial plate, where the names of the immobile and his achievements. Sometimes on the stove, place the portrait, but it's not recommended.
  • Buried at SS in the cemetery. In the cemetery there are a large number of places where the usual burial cannot be conducted due to their small size. These places are ideal for burial urns. They easily placed the container of ashes and a small grave sign. The cost of such disposal will be minimal.
  • To pozagorat to the grave. The capsule with the ashes can be buried in the grave close to the dead person. It is conducted after consultation with relatives and provided that the area of the grave allows you to do it. After subburials replaced with a monument.
  • To dispel. Ashes close over the sea, river, mountains or other favorite places prefer most people around the world. Despite the fact that in Ukraine, as already mentioned, the relatives will still have to pay for the burial place to obtain the urn, scatter the ashes, they cannot ban anybody.

Alternative ways of burial rights

In Ukraine cremation and the ashes are quite conservative, which is not true about the United States and other developed countries of the world. There's even a to scatter the ashes, the special services work who are hired by relatives. They can go to any point of the globe and fulfill the wishes of the family or the last wishes of the deceased.

In addition to traditional methods, here with the ashes, do the following:

  • add to paint and draw portraits of the dead or paintings;
  • mix with the ink and cause the tattoo to relatives;
  • produce artificial diamonds;
  • sent into space to orbit the Earth, etc.

As you can see, cremation is a dignified alternative to traditional burial. It still gives more opportunities to the relatives and friends to show their love and reverence to the deceased, but also to preserve the purity of the earth and the health of living around people. 

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