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The funeral in many people cause feelings of fear and anxiety. This is not surprising. After this farewell ceremony with the deceased is not only sad, but also something mysterious and even mystical. Knowledgeable people say that one awkward movement during the ritual could doom the soul of the deceased in eternal suffering, as well as a self-fulfilling prophecy in alive. Whether so it actually – is unknown. But in any case everyone should know what to do at the funeral. And, most importantly, how to do it properly, so in the future to write off their problems and failures committed at the time of the error.


  1. What conduct the funeral?
  2. Orthodox funeral.
  3. The funeral rule.
  4. Omens and superstitions.
  5. Magic rituals with the dead.
  6. How to behave at a funeral

What conduct the funeral?

Farewell ceremony with the dead has long been held around the world. It is intended to Express respect and deference to people perceived death. Despite the considerable differences between the funeral rites of different cultures and religions they are considered sacred and preserve the main principle: relatives, friends and acquaintances of the deceased gather together to say goodbye to him and spend his last journey.

The funeral also carry a powerful message. They remind the audience that their existence on earth short-lived, and sooner or later death will come for everyone. This leads many to think seriously about their lives and reconsider their views.

Thus, this ceremony is an important part of our culture and a real farewell to the good life.

похоронные правила

Orthodox funeral

The Orthodox Church looks upon death as a transition from earthly life to eternal. And to get into heaven a person must go through special training. This preparation consists of several stages:

  1. The extreme unction. Before his death, the priest should conduct the sacrament of Holy unction.
  2. The remission of sins. A dying man confessing to the clergyman of their sins and ask forgiveness from God and loved ones.
  3. Communion. Definitely the priest communion of the dying before death.
  4. The reading of the Canon. The priest should read the dying prayer of farewell before he died. Also can do the relatives or friends.
  5. Ablution and dressing up. After dying gave up the Ghost, it certainly should be washed with clean water and wipe dry to stand before God clean. Also deceased is dressed in elegant clothes and shelter in a shroud.
  6. Funeral lithium. 1-1. 5 hours before removal of the coffin from the house of the priest sprinkles the coffin and the body with Holy water and conducts the funeral service with incense before.
  7. Отпевание. Перед погребением священник зачитывает ряд молитв и песнопений. Только после выполнения всех этих этапов, считается, что покойный сможет обрести вечную жизнь в мире ином.


The funeral rule

During the preparation of the body, burial and within a certain period after the funeral there are a number of rules, the violation of which, in the opinion of the Orthodox Church, is fraught with serious consequences. Here are some of them:

  1. A funeral is best done on the third day after death.
  2. It is impossible to bury the dead on Sunday and for the New year.
  3. Immediately after death all the mirrors in the house should be, and the watch to stop. In this state, they should be 40 days.
  4. Not for a moment leave the deceased alone in the room.
  5. It is forbidden to take the deceased out of the house before noon and after sunset.
  6. Recommend to participate in the rite pregnant women and children.
  7. Since the death and before the burial the relatives of the deceased have to continuously read the Psalter.
  8. To wash the body of the deceased only in the daytime.
  9. Pregnant women and those, which are menstrual bleeding, can't wash the deceased.
  10. The burial clothes should be elegant and bright, the shroud white. If he died unmarried girl, she is dressed in her wedding dress.
  11. In the house where a man died until after the funeral should burn the candle or the lamp. As for the candle it is better to use a glass of wheat.
  12. Do not wash, sweep and sweep away the dust, if the house is dead.
  13. Not recommended bringing Pets in the same room with the coffin.
  14. In the presence of the deceased greeted not by the voice, a nod of the head.
  15. The eyes and mouth of the deceased should be closed. With this purpose, the lower jaw tied up in a handkerchief, and eye put coins.
  16. On the forehead of the deceased laid a whisk, a long paper or fabric strip with prayers and images of the saints.
  17. It is necessary to put on a late pectoral cross.
  18. With the body in the coffin stacked all of his personal belongings: dentures, glasses, watches, etc.
  19. Hands of the deceased need to be put on the breast a cross. And put right over left.
  20. Feet and hands of the deceased should be bound. Before burial, the ties are removed and placed in a coffin.
  21. Under the head, shoulders and legs of the deceased in a coffin to lay pads of cotton wool.
  22. The head of the dead women should be covered with a scarf. Also all present at the funeral, women need to have a headdress.
  23. It is prohibited to put in the coffin fresh flowers, artificial or dried.
  24. The coffin with the deceased carried out of the house feet first, and accompany Church singing.
  25. Endure the coffin out of the house, it is necessary to speak: "the Dead one from the house out" for a few minutes to close house or apartment the people there.
  26. After removal of the coffin you need to wash all the floors.
  27. Blood relatives can't bear the coffin and the lid.
  28. Since the beginning of the ritual until the moment of burial in the left hand of the deceased should be a cross on his chest – icon-stacked face to the body. Women on the chest fit the image of the Mother of God to men – the image of Christ the Savior.
  29. To circumvent the coffin with the deceased at the head, bowing it at the same time.
  30. During the funeral service around the coffin should stand 4 candles: the head, legs and hands.
  31. The funeral procession should go in a strict sequence: the cross, the icon of Christ the Savior, the priest with a candle and a censer, the coffin with the deceased, relatives, and other members with flowers and wreaths.
  32. Anyone who meet a funeral procession needs to cross. Men are additionally obliged to remove a headdress.
  33. Saying goodbye to the deceased, you must kiss the crown on his forehead and the icon on his chest. If the casket is closed, are applied to the cross on the cover.
  34. All participating in the funeral procession have to throw into the grave a handful of earth.
  35. On the day of burial it is impossible to visit the graves of other relatives or friends.
  36. It is not recommended to look at the coffin with the deceased from the house or apartment.
  37. After the funeral, the family of the deceased should offer to present cakes, chocolates and handkerchiefs.
  38. The chairs on which stood the coffin, during the day need to put legs up.
  39. On the funeral of alcohol is only served vodka. It is necessary to drink without clinking glasses.
  40. During a memorial for the deceased poured a shot of vodka and served it with a loaf of bread. After the memorial shot with the bread is still 40 days.
  41. On the memorial table must be kutya. She starts dinner.
  42. Before you enter your house after the funeral, it is necessary to clean shoes and hold hands over the candle flame.
  43. After the funeral, during the day you can't walk the guests.
  44. The next morning after the burial, relatives and friends must take on the grave of Breakfast.
  45. Within a week from the date of death of the deceased out of the house I can't release anything. Belongings of the deceased can be distributed not earlier than 40 days after the burial.
  46. 6 weeks after the funeral in the house where the deceased lived, on the windowsill should be a glass of water and plate of food.
  47. On the graves of boys and girls at the head is recommended to plant viburnum.
  48. The dead man can be spoken of only well.
  49. For the dead do not cry and kill myself.

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Omens and superstitions

The funeral involves a lot of beliefs and superstitions. They are designed to protect relatives and friends who came to say goodbye to the deceased, and explain to them how to behave during the ceremony, so as not to put on a spell. The most common of these are the following beliefs:

  • If during the funeral of the deceased eyes open, the one on whom will fall his eyes, leaving the light behind.
  • If touch the feet of the deceased, go to fear him.
  • If put under the dead willow, consecrated in the Church on palm Sunday, it will ward off evil spirits.
  • If the wheat that was used with a glass as a candle holder at a funeral, feeding the bird, she will die.
  • If you go the road of a funeral procession, can become seriously ill.
  • If the reason for tumors of all fingers of the right hand of the deceased while reciting the "Our father" 3 times and spitting after each of the times over your left shoulder, you can completely recover from it.
  • If seeing the corpse in the coffin, to touch himself, in place of the touch can develop a tumor.
  • If the coffin falls the wrong thing and be buried with the body, with the owners of these things will befall.
  • If together with the deceased to bury the photo of a living person, that person can get sick and die.
  • If a pregnant woman is to attend the funeral, give birth to a sick child.
  • If you step on a towel that the priests during the ritual, placed near the tomb, you can get sick.
  • If you drink water from a glass to the deceased or to eat his food, followed by a significant deterioration in health.
  • If on the street someone died and before his funeral to put Agordino, the crop will be.  
  • If the funeral be postponed for a week or more, the deceased will take with them someone from relatives.
  • If the neighborhood someone has died, need to replace the drinking water that stood in a pot or bottle, so as not to hurt.
  • If you spill in the water, which washed the deceased, living in this house could die.
  • If during the removal of the coffin with the deceased from home to touch the threshold or the jamb, his soul can return to the house and bring trouble.
  • If for 40 days after death is not a Wake, the soul of the deceased will suffer.
  • If you sleep when on the street carry the coffin, you can go to the light for the deceased.
  • If the legs of the deceased warm, calling to someone behind him.

Magic rituals with the dead

Magic rituals with the dead

Despite the fact that time witches and wizards were left far behind, some still practice black rituals. And the funeral they still remain a favourite event. They will certainly take advantage of the opportunity to perform a magic ritual or to procure for him the necessary details.

During the farewell ceremony and burial of these people can do these actions:

  • to go to the place where the person died;
  • ask for a sheet on which the dead man lay;
  • to steal the tie with the hands and feet of the deceased;
  • chipped lips of the deceased with needles and then quietly pick them up;
  • to replace the personal belongings of the deceased;
  • pour yourself the grain out of the candlestick;
  • to get water or soap, which were used to wash the deceased;
  • to get the coffin back;
  • standing near the tomb with the deceased, to tie on a rag the nodes;
  • to take the soil from the grave and put it into his bosom;
  • sprinkle someone the present of salt;
  • to put in the coffin of other people's things;
  • buried in the grave of things or objects;
  • take a glass of vodka the deceased or the water from the window sill, etc.

All of these actions are intended to link the living dead and doom them to disease and death. So you need to be attentive to strangers at the funeral, to prevent other people to the coffin and to nip in the Bud a suspicious manipulation and theft.

Also be aware that if, during the maintenance of the grave was discovered buried objects, they must be burned. To touch them with bare hands is prohibited!


How to behave at a funeral

Today, the funeral is in charge of funeral agents. They know all the rules of ceremony, and always on time tells the audience how to behave and what to do.

As for the rest: will and magical rites, it all depends on you. You have to decide whether to follow the advice or not, to avoid suspicious persons at the funeral or not to draw anyone's attention. But in any case, during the funeral, you need to behave cautiously and carefully, and to the deceased to experience only positive feelings.

These events let you bypass the party and did not give rise to fears and doubts. Be healthy!

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