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Have you buried a loved one, unbearable pain breaks the heart? Difficulties can be overcome, you'll need time for emotional recovery. The people who have experienced the death of loved ones, often need consultation with a psychologist. Without proper care people can get sick with a serious illness or be depressed for a long time.

What refers to the stress symptoms that occur after the death of loved ones?

  • The sleep disturbance. You lack of sleep or constantly Wake up. You have trouble sleeping or you get up early, because sleep is not coming to you. Because of the lack of sleep you are feeling overwhelmed and tired.
  • A feeling of anxiety. It haunts you, not giving to live in peace. You suffer from anxiety. You think you do everything wrong, actions are not thought out and wrong.
  • The lack of interest in everything. You don't care what used to be important. Have you lost the meaning of life, because a favorite person left you.
  • Excessive emotionality. You have "eyes on the wet spot". Are you ready to cry at the slightest provocation. Tears for no apparent reason - a sign of severe stress.
  • The inability to cope with simple things. Objects fall from hands, you can't concentrate on simple things.
  • Constant dissatisfaction. Annoys you all: naughty little girl, not wanting is not good to eat cooked cereal or old mother, endlessly expressing sympathy.


Do not worry if you notice these symptoms. Losing a loved one is hard. Each person has a unique way of coping with grief. What will help in this case:

  • At this point, is to turn to God. Prayer will help you come to terms with loss. You can lose a loved one, but God is always in the human heart. Faith can not be lost.
  • Relax on the nature. The view of blooming greenery, beautiful trees and a fresh breeze will help you to distract you at least for a short while forget about the mountain.
  • Accept help from others, don't turn away from people. No matter how strong a person you are, without the support of friends will be difficult. After all, if you are looking for sympathy and help is not a sign of weakness.
  • Gradually get used to live independently. If the husband died, who took over the household problem, don't despair! Find people who will help make repairs in the apartment or to repair the appliances.
  • Remember that you have children, close relatives. They need you!
  • Start your album with photos of the deceased. Review photos often, and the pain will not be as sharp.
  • We will continue the work begun by the deceased. For example, the singer Irina Krug after the death of her husband has devoted a lot of songs. Thanks to the efforts of Irina, the singer was left with only fond memories.
  • Keep a diary. Trust him for the experience. Describe each day without a loved one. Thus you will be mentally to share achievements and challenges.
  • Talk about the deceased. Use the helpline or share your emotions with relatives.
  • Don't drown sorrows in alcohol. Craving for alcohol for a short time and eases heartache. Alcohol is a direct path to nowhere!
  • Take care of physical condition. Start Jogging in the mornings. Physical exercises strengthen the body and give a lot of new sensations.
  • Organize a festival dedicated to the dead. So you feel that he will forever remain in your memory.
  • Help people who find themselves in a difficult situation. Give a helping hand to seriously ill or desperate. After all, these people can still be saved! And you'll feel better!
  • Blistes with people who have experienced a bereavement. The experience of others teach you how to overcome grief.
  • Write a letter to the deceased. You suffer from the idea that you don't have time to say how much you care about him. In the letter you put all of unsaid thoughts, admit their mistakes and misconceptions.
  • Do not turn the house into a "monument" of the deceased. Not put photos everywhere, not everywhere lay the possessions of the deceased. Keep the memory of him in the heart! You can also create a sketch and order individual monument with a private epitaph.
  • Allow yourself to cry! Do not consider it a sign of weakness and cowardice!
  • Do not attempt to return the deceased or to engage him in dialogue. No mages and wizards are not able to conquer death. Don't fall for the tricks of unscrupulous fraudsters, cashing in the money in the human grief.
  • Don't let the sense of guilt towards the deceased to take control of your life. You are not to blame. All people make mistakes. No one is perfect.

If you feel alone you can not cope with grief, please contact a psychologist. A good psychologist will help you survive this difficult stage. It will help you become old, life will return to normal. Do not live in the atmosphere of constant stress! Do not allow sorrow to become the main sense of your life! Do not spoil your health! Over time, you will feel that life is beautiful no matter what. After a storm comes the bright sun. Just need a little patience.

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