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Radonitsa – all souls ' day family and loved ones. We remind you that Radonitsa is closely connected with the feast of the Passover. That connects these two holidays, and when Christians celebrate the day of Radonitsa in 2017, will be discussed in the following sections of the article.


  1. Date Radonitsa in 2017 – April 25.
  2. The history of the holiday.
  3. About moderation.
  4. What to do in the day of rejoicing.
  5. What not to do in the day of rejoicing.

Calculated when Radonitsa in 2017 Orthodox

For remembrance of deceased Church took eight special days. Each of these holidays observed on a Saturday. But Radonitsa is "aside" from these holidays. This parent's day always falls on a Tuesday. "Why such a significant date of the holiday changes every year?" – you will ask. The calculation rule of memorial day is simple: it falls on the ninth day after Easter.

Not to forget to honor the deceased relatives, the youth and the elderly in advance to find out when celebrated Easter and Radonitsa. Because the person concerned it is important to have time to prepare (especially moral) to these majestic holidays, to free the mind from all vain, a minor.

Because to celebrate Easter we will be April 16, calculate what number of Radonitsa in 2017, is not difficult. Parent Tuesday falls on April 25.

radonitsa yitsa

Day of sadness and joy...

Now that you know the date of the Radonitsa in 2017, will not be superfluous to say what the value "hidden" in the celebration. The meaning of this memorial day is reflected in its name and said... Oh joy. Impressionable people might think: "Is it not contrary to joy, such a sad act, as a memorial of his parents?". According to the Church, remembering their relatives, need not grieve, but rejoice for those we loved. After all, the souls of our deceased relatives are close with the Lord, and therefore do not grieve, do not feel fear. For the Christian this is the main, majestic reason to rejoice for the deceased parents.

Important moderation in all things

We remind you that Radonitsa close to the feast of Christ's Resurrection. This is not surprising. The idea of a spiritual immortality, eternity, goodness, piety and other qualities that are close to the Creator changes "mournful note" memorial day in a solemn and joyful note. This, of course, does not give believers the right to the excessive use of intoxicating drinks, gossip or any uncivil behavior. Any extreme and woeful sobbing in the cemetery, and high Jinks with the adoption of alcoholic beverages, are not pleasing to God.


What should be given attention

Recall that it is useful to do in the day of rejoicing:

  • Prepare the foods (cakes, Easter cakes, colored eggs) that you can donate to the poor.
  • A little food set aside in a separate package (you can take it with me to the cemetery). Much of the food take to the temple. There you will give the treat to the poor people.
  • After the funeral service (which you should be) can go where your parents are buried.
  • Arriving at the grave of a relative, light a candle, pay attention to the sincere, thoughtful prayer.
  • Tidy the graves of their parents. Try this time not to let sad memories tormented soul. Remember the best qualities of the deceased family member, think about the important and positive events that you and he together went through.
  • In the cemetery you can eat a piece of cake, candy.
  • Products taken with them to distribute to people who ask for alms.


A little about the bans

Finding out how and when the Orthodox Radonitsa is celebrated in 2017, many people ask, are there any restrictions relating to the event. It's time to clarify what the deeds in the day of rejoicing is impermissible:

  1. A quarrel, a discussion of the shortcomings of others.
  2. Drinking vodka at the grave of the deceased. People that do not imagine a funeral without alcohol, the Church allows SIP some wine. But even the wine abuse is impossible.
  3. Leaving at the tomb of the parents of food, and especially shots of vodka. Such actions are more like the pagan festivities than the actions of a Christian.
  4. Watching television entertainment.

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