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The loss of a loved one difficult experience even for adults, and children even brighter react to sad news. Minors should carefully and properly to report the death of a relative, so as not to injure the psyche. It is important to choose correct words that do not shock the child.


How to tell the child about death: the advice of psychologists

If the children avoid talking about death, they formed the erroneous view of the world. They are able to hurt yourself, animals, other people, as not aware of the consequences. The kid needs to realize what death is, to understand why a close person disappeared from his life. Parents have a responsible approach to the question of how to tell a young child about death.


  • Believers can explain to the child that after death the souls of the dead go to heaven.
  • You can draw an Association with the change of seasons. The leaf emerging from the buds, and then gradually fades and breaks off the branch. Likewise, man is first born, then grows and fades. Everything on earth has its time.
  • Parents can be noted that after the death of loved ones will watch over your loved ones from heaven and visit in dreams.

Not to intimidate the child and to describe in detail the death. Psychologists recommend telling the main points that do not have to fear sudden death. Better to tell minors that people leave mostly in old age. Parents, it is important to maintain a calm tone of voice as negative emotions by adults to scare the child.

How to tell the child about the death of his mother

How to tell the child about the death of his mother

You cannot lie to the child about the care of the closest person – mother. If the report that she went on a business trip or went to live in another country, it will have negative consequences. First, the baby will feel abandoned and unwanted. Secondly, come up with a terrible explanation as to why the house still crying and are in mourning. Third, over time, learns that the family lied, because the truth will tell neighbors, teachers or friends of the family. Talk to the kid have a loved one who knows the nature of the child.

Better news to report not trying to delay the conversation with your child.

The longer the child will in ignorance, the greater will be his imagination. You should choose a place where nobody will disturb you. Good house, so baby feels safe. You can take a minor hand or hug if it's accepted in the family. We should talk briefly and directly, without trying to equivocate. Extra details not worth telling. If the child is interested, he'll ask.

How to tell child about her father's death

If life is gone father, children will not be easy to report such grief. When a child is preschool age, he may not fully understand what was happening. Do not be surprised if he doesn't get upset, and start asking technical details. Inquire whether father to bury, where he is now. You need to answer directly, but without graphic details. You can't tell a kid that the father fell asleep and never woke up. Preschooler may begin to fear sleep, as well as to follow other family members to them during sleep, nothing happened. I want to say that "Father is dead". It is not recommended to seek the metaphors that will only lead the child astray.

Children and teenagers are much harder to take the news of his father's death. They may have a tantrum, start depression. Don't push the child if he became withdrawn and apathetic. Always have to be there and to give to understand that he can rely on relatives. It will take time, and the teenager will gradually return to his former life. Most importantly, to ensure that he didn't do anything stupid, being in a poor emotional state. Family support needed during this difficult period of life.

How to tell the child about the death of his parents

With the death of two parents the children will not be easy, because it will completely change their usual way of life. The wound on the heart will last a lifetime, if the kid is already aware of the events. Well, if you have close people – grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, adult brother and sister. Someone needs to inform minors about the tragedy. You should choose a time when the child is calm and not in a hurry.

It is desirable that he was not playing and not distracted, because he needs to carefully take the news. Kids can cry and refuse to believe what happened. They are able to several days and even months looking for my parents, because not once realization occurs of grief. Students react violently, but sometimes they try to restrain emotions. They may be interested in the details – causes of death, the location of the soul. They are better to answer the questions, otherwise they will try to get answers from other people or on the Internet.

Teenagers may behave aggressively, to acquire bad habits. This is the most difficult age for adoption the death of his parents. If possible, you should go to a psychologist to work with a teenager. Informing about the death, it is important to emphasize that the parents loved the minors. They left, and turned into angels and are now watching from heaven. After this, you will need to monitor the child's condition, because this can cause anxiety, depression and apathy. You need to regularly talk to the kid to help him cope with the situation.

How to tell children about the death of his grandmother

Regardless of the closeness of relationships, the child will be hard to accept the death of my grandmother. He needs to truthfully explain what happened. It should be noted that grandma was old, so it's her time to go to heaven.

What is not recommended psychologists:

  • To disclose the details of death. No need to frighten the child with diseases and other causes of death.
  • Cheat. Kid needs to realize that grandma is not coming back.
  • Emotional to speak. Seeing the suffering of relatives who have minor depression begins.

You need to remember how to tell children about the death of a loved, not to cause injury.

How to tell the child about the death of his grandfather

After leaving the light on grandparents, kids need to explain that death is a natural process. It is impossible to avoid talking on this subject, as the child has the right to grieve. Need to explain that life goes on and that everything will be fine again. The child may be angry and take it out on family, as it is difficult to cope with strong emotions. It is impossible to shout, as it is important to support and explain that grandpa loves him and didn't want to leave.

How to tell the child about the death of a dog or cat

How to tell the child about the death of the animal

Children often have to deal with the death of a pet. In 3-5 years they will miss favorite, and in 6-7 years crying and suffering. To help the kid, the parents can tell the story that all animals after death come to the Rainbow Bridge. There they run through the picturesque fields, rejoice in Sunny weather. They have lots of good food and water. Old and frail animals become young again and healthy.

To his owner Pets will be coming in dreams, that he was not bored. Children find it hard to survive any loss, so the relatives need to remember about how to tell sad news. This will depend on a child's emotional state and perception of the world. If done correctly, then the child will be able to accept what happened and move on.

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