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Funeral – a complex and responsible process, and most often it starts with the selection of a coffin. How to choose a final resting place for the dead and what you should pay attention while choosing, to tell the funeral-funeral service of "Mourning".

Why you need a coffin?

In every religion a farewell ceremony for the deceased is held in a special way. Muslims wrap the deceased in a shroud and put them to the ground. The Indians throw the body into the fire or send in a perpetual cruise on the Holy river the Ganges. Tibetans believe that even after death people should benefit, and give the dead to be devoured by wild birds and animals. To bury the deceased in a coffin is a tradition of Christianity. It is believed that the body of a Christian should not be contaminated with soil, before and after the burial he should be comfortable and cozy. So here the coffins are very seriously and carefully select the appropriate option.

Selection criteria the coffin

During the selection of a casket into account the following nuances:

  • Religion. Christianity has many sects, and each of them for burial are different coffins. Orthodox Christians bury their members in coffins rectangular, narrowed down, Catholics – in hexagonal coffins with the extension in the shoulders.
  • Height and weight of the deceased. To correctly calculate the length of the coffin, is essential to the growth of the late add of 20-30 cm on the amount it is important to know that standard coffins are made in 3 sizes: 52 (standard), 60 (deck) and 68 (speckled).
  • The burial or cremation. A coffin for a cremation differs from a coffin for burial. It is made solely of combustible materials and contains no metal parts and accessories that complicate the process.
  • Color. Traditionally, the color of the upholstery of the coffin indicates the age of the deceased: black and red used for parting with the elderly, blue and green – with young, pink and blue – with children. But in recent years more and more popular models without upholstery. They have a polished wood surface and are referred to as VIP or elite.

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VIP coffins

Elite graves attention to details, thus, have many advantages:

  • Beautiful appearance. As already mentioned, the coffins does not obryvayutsya fabrics and delight the eye by the elegance of the wood. In addition, these graves are often adorned with decorative carvings, which further indicates their greatness.
  • Variations with lids. Cover VIP coffins can be not only removable, but also flip and even double. They are equipped with powerful mechanisms that greatly facilitate the opening and closing, and can also keep the lid open during the farewell.
  • A convenient handle. Elite graves are equipped with comfortable handles that make carrying them comfortable and safe.
  • An adjustable bed. Bed of these coffins equipped with an additional device that allows you to lock the body in an optimal position.

Where can I buy cheap elite coffin?

Buy VIP coffin at a minimum price is always possible in ritual Agency "Mourning". Only here you will find the best models of oak, beech, maple, ash and other valuable species of wood. Upholstered inside natural silk, satin, velvet and cotton. We accept orders for custom-made and we deliver all over Ukraine. Also on sale are low cost options coffins, which will help you to spend a last farewell to a loved one and will hit the pocket.

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