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Funerals are not joyous event where the majority of people sad and cry because of the loss of a friend or relative. This day allows for the last time to hold a deceased person on his last journey. For this reason this event is important to choose the appropriate clothing that will help to show respect for the deceased.

Traditionally, the funeral, it is customary to wear dark. Because black color is considered an indicator of style, elegance and sorrow. It is mandatory to take into account the religious features of the deceased person. For example, to a funeral in India choose apparel is not dark shades, and white. After all, there are such traditions.

How to dress for the funeral of the woman?

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An important rule that must be followed by a woman going to a funeral – no cause of clothes. Can't do bright make-up and thereby attract attention. On this day, a woman should refrain from attractive outfits.

You cannot wear:

  • clothes that open neckline;
  • short skirts;
  • clothes decorated with sequins, feathers and other bright objects that attract attention.

Best to choose a classic black dress or simple dark suit. If the death was sudden and the person has no such things, you should not immediately go to the store to buy. In this case, are selected things black or brown. For example, select jeans with a Golf or skirt with shirt.

The funeral should wear comfortable shoes that will blend with the costume. It should not be bright and attract attention. Better this case fit shoes with a small heel.

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How to dress for the funeral of a man?

Almost every man has in his closet a black suit. That is why the issues with the robes they do not have. Only important at the bottom of the costume to wear not bright, and a black shirt that shows sorrow. If the costume is missing, you should wear jeans or dark pants along with a dark top. Feet suitable shoes or dark sneakers. In no case do not need to wear sandals or flip flops, because they look ugly and ridiculous in this situation.

How to dress for a funeral of a child?

The child should be dressed in dark attire, as adults. Boys dressed in black suits, or select the black pants and jacket of dark shades. The quality of the Shoe will fit shoes or loafers, with which the baby will be comfortable.

The girl wear black dress, dark pantyhose and heels. It is also important to throw on a Cape, as in a cemetery in any season ever cool.

In any case don't need:

  • braiding fancy hair and bright to cling to the pins;
  • wear a bright jacket with glitter;
  • to put on bright sandals.

How to dress for a funeral in the summer heat?

In the summer to pick an outfit for the funeral is difficult due to the high temperatures. It is known that the color black absorbs heat. Girls and women can choose a dark dress, made of silk or cotton. It should not be short and light. Also, it should be no rhinestones and cutouts in a pile or on the back. As shoes look great shoes with a small heel.

Gentleman can wear a normal business suit with a dark shirt. If desired, you can choose light dark cotton pants and top shirt in dark colors. In no case can not wear shorts, flip flops, light sneakers or clothes in light colors. Because it would look disrespectful to all the people who gathered to honor the memory of the deceased. It is better to give preference to moccasins and shoes. It is also desirable to take fresh flowers (from 2 to 8 pieces) for the funeral.

How to dress for a winter funeral?

His dress for a funeral should be selected so that it is warmed. Better women and men to wear pants of black color. On top you can choose a dark shirt or sweater. Outerwear should be in dark colors. The shoes should also choose dark colors – black shoes shoes or boots. Ladies should refrain from boots on the high heels or with different colorful accents.

Going to the funeral, remember that this event is designed to hold a deceased person on his last journey, and not to impress guests elegant outfit. Selected clothing expresses what came of the man grieving for a friend or relative. In any case the dress should look beautiful on the person, must be ironed and neat look.
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