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Death can catch the person in any place, but buried he should be in his native land. Adhering to this rule, and fulfilling last wishes of the deceased, his relatives are often faced with a serious problem with the transportation of the body across the border. Shipping 200 from one country to another – the process is very complicated, and independently to organize it is almost impossible. Quickly and carefully deliver the deceased to the place of burial will help the company in Mourning. We work closely with leading funeral services in the different countries of the world, and for a short period of time to transport the deceased anywhere in the globe.

A SHIPMENT of 200 across the border

Today to transport the deceased from one country to another using air, auto and railway transport. Regardless of which type of transport to deliver, you need to go through all the stages of preparation for transportation:

    1. The embalming of the body. Embalming is a necessary condition for shipping 200 for all countries. A report on the implementation of this requirement is a special certificate issued by the organization that performed the embalming. They are presented in the design documents, when the customs control and border crossing time.
    2. The choice of the zinc container and its sealing. Transporting the deceased is allowed only in a sealed zinc container. On sealing of the container and no extra items will also prepare the documentation.
    3. The collection of documents.

For transportation of "sad cargo" the following documents are required:

      • death certificate;
      • certificate of embalming;
      • certificate of sealing of the zinc container and the absence of foreign objects therein;
      • sanitary certificate;
      • an import permit.

Documents on export issued by authorized agencies of the country where the deceased is located. The import permit is issued by the Embassy of the receiving party.

Development of the route and the selection of vehicles.

The best option of transport for the delivery of the coffin with the deceased is determined by several parameters:

  • distance from location CARGO 200 to the place of burial;
  • desired term of transportation;
  • financial possibilities of relatives and friends.

The plane will take the deceased as quickly as possible, the car is cheap, and W/d transport to cope where other methods are unavailable.

etapi gryz 200

Why the delivery of CARGO 200 is better to order from us?

Our company provides assistance in organizing transportation of the deceased within the country and abroad. All the stages of training we carry out on their own without the presence of relatives, without unnecessary for you expenses and hassle.

We offer:

  • transportation CARGO 200 across the border "turnkey";
  • assistance in the preparation for transport and maintenance;
  • burial and cremation without the presence of relatives;
  • organization of cargo handling works;
  • rental of funeral vehicles;
  • funeral
  • assistance in obtaining a death certificate and documentation;
  • the conclusion of the contract with the cemetery and crematorium;
  • shipping clothes to the morgue;
  • route planning, booking tickets, clear customs, and much more.

Our agents have a visa and can freely visit the countries of Europe, Asia and America. They expect your call and are ready to go for your family now. We work around the clock without breaks and weekends. Trust the professionals, call the number listed on the website phone number and order delivery of CARGO 200 from us.

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