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The graves of dear people who have left our land, it is the duty of love and tribute. There are many beliefs that are firmly in our lives. We used to bring food to the cemetery and not think about the significance of this ritual. Is it possible to do it and where did the tradition? Let's try to answer this question.


  1. The food at the cemetery
  2. Can I take food to the cemetery
  3. What to take food to the cemetery?
  4. Whether commemorated in the cemetery with food?
  5. Why at the cemetery, leave food?
  6. Can I take food to the cemetery?
  7. If we can leave candy, cookies, cakes at the tomb?

The food at the cemetery – history and value

To understand the logic of the ritual, you need to turn to its origins. Our ancestors honored the dead with abundant feasts directly on the burial. At that time the ritual was called "the feast", the first mention of it is found in the 10th century of our era. In addition to mourning and feasting, the ritual included even war games that often ended in death. When Russia came to Christianity, the ritual has lost its meaning, but the echoes of the pagan traditions have survived.

The ancient Slavs the memorial service consisted only of prayer. However, it is possible to assume about other sources of food in the cemetery. A trip to the graves for most families at Easter was a long and unsafe journey. Many of them remained in the cemetery until the morning, because used as food that was blessed in Church the day before. 

The food at the cemetery

Can I take food to the cemetery

In the old days of the Wake with a lot of food was conducted for the poor, for the needy. It was believed that they are closer to God because their prayers for the dead are of greater importance. 

Can you remember the cemetery of edove our time? Believers are sure that meal to donate to the homeless and tell them the names of relatives, as did our ancestors. Many priests believe that the food for the funeral in the cemetery doesn't matter if unbelievers came and prayed for the dead. Because they suggest to surround himself with true believers and with them to remember the dead.

What to take food to the cemetery?

What to take to the cemetery from food is an important and interesting question. Among the basic list: one can distinguish the following positions:

  • eggs;
  • Christmas pudding;
  • pancakes;
  • cookies;
  • candy;
  • bread;
  • cakes.

Kutia is a symbol of eternal life, while sweets like candies mean a great afterlife in heaven. It is not recommended to take meat, sausage and any other meat dishes. They can quickly deteriorate and become rancid, which will create a danger to those people who are going to eat them. The official Church neglects the alcohol in the cemetery. Drinking vodka from plastic cups — the lack of respect and simply a pagan ritual.

Whether commemorated in the cemetery with food?

Before you go to the cemetery, one must visit the temple and pass a note with the name of the deceased on the altar. If a person has decided in addition to prayers to remember the deceased with food, advise not to put it on the grave. It is better to give to friends or the poor.

Lately, any commemoration is not complete without a meal for the whole family directly to the cemetery. This is especially true of the Radonitsa — people bring Easter cakes, eggs, sweets, sandwiches and alcohol. The Orthodox Church allowed to eat in the cemetery, but it is not necessary to turn the remembrance into a bustling collection. This place should stay a memorable and quiet. To honor a man with vodka or other invigorating beverages is not no grave, no home.

Why at the cemetery, leave food?

Relatives of the dead in the funeral days used to take food to the cemetery. At Easter they leave there eggs, candy and cakes, not forgetting even about alcohol. Each action should have its own logic. The main reason is that people take it with you to eat directly from the graves of dear person. Thus it is necessary to remember the deceased, to pray for him, and taste the sacrificial food.

Is it possible to have in a cemetery

Can I take food to the cemetery?

I would like to have a clear picture about the food at the cemetery. There is one situation in which to bring a treat not prohibited, but rather encouraged. Treats are taken with the aim to distribute them to the poor. Charity is one of the strongest manifestations of virtue.

In many of the cemeteries have chapels or temples. There is always possible to find beggars and homeless people who beg. The best way to help them is to give food and feed. For the money they can buy alcohol, because the donation of food at the same time would be an act of kindness and not pandering to sins like drunkenness. You can give as festive food and purchased food. The most important requirement is to give the food a person is sincere, with the hope that she will save him and bring joy. You can ask the person to pray for the deceased.

If we can leave candy, cookies, cakes at the tomb?

According to the position of the Orthodox Church, to bring to the cemetery of candy, cookies and other treats right. But it is much better if you will give this food for a hungry man, than lay it on the grave. If it is not quickly taken away, it may deteriorate.

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