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The days of obedience in the Orthodox Church are also called "Saturday" though not all fall on this day. Saturday are the days when commemorate loved ones and dear people. These days people visit the cemetery to tidy the graves and bring familiar treats.


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Calendar of commemoration in 2016

 Date  The name memorial day
05.03.2016  World Saturday
07.03.2016-13.03.2016  Pancake week
26.03.2016  Saturday of lent second week
02.04.2016  Saturday of lent third week
09.04.2016  Saturday of lent fourth week
09.05.2016  The commemoration of the deceased soldiers
10.05.2016  Radonitsa
18.06.2016  Trinity Saturday
05.09.2016  Memorial day
11.09.2016  Parent's day
    • The first celebrating world parent Saturday 5 March. Saturday end of the week before lent, when still allowed to have meat products.
    • Behind her comes a pancake week, when the meat is already impossible, and fish and dairy products are allowed. Mardi Gras ends on March 13 and lent begins.
    • 26 March Saturday of lent second week.


  • 2 Saturday April third week and 9th of April fourth week. These days indicate, as those are especially evident when the love, warmth to the souls of deceased relatives. Religious pray for the souls of relatives and close people to the Lord not left them without a blessing.
  • 10 may celebrate big celebration the day of rejoicing. Day is a special time of remembrance of the dead. It is combined with Easter and is a holiday. Gets this day is constantly on the Tuesday of St. Thomas week. Believers go from Church to the cemetery with the cakes to tell the deceased that Christ is Risen resurrection heralded the defeat of life over death. Some people go to the cemetery on Easter, but this is not true because derived special day Radonitsa. In Belarus this day is a public holiday.
  • 9 may the commemoration of the deceased soldiers.
  • 18 June Trinity Sunday another slave people, the day of commemoration of the dead. Saturday in the Trinity believed in the Trinity Saturday soul goes to the hanging stage of mental development and is purified by the Holy spirit. When you visit the cemetery opened to leave at the graves share a meal with ceremonial dinner and sweets. Young ladies this Saturday should not be, familiar way to do things. On the Trinity, we should not do the wedding, because of the belief that the marriage on this day will be miserable.
  • 11 Sep the beheading of St. John the Baptist is considered the most tragic parents ' day. Commemorate this day of the fallen soldiers in the era of the war with Turetchine and Poland. In a memorial day must adhere to the post, forbidden to eat even fish dishes. This holiday honoring the courage and bravery in the fight for big business.
  • Demetrius memorial Saturday marks the 5th of September. Referred to suffering from the knights. This date originated as a tribute to the memory of the great Martyr Dmitry Solunskogo. Usually to the day of the preparation is beforehand. On Friday I go to the bath and leaving her to leave the towel for ancestors. Saturday not only go to the graves, but also make great funeral.


Rules of conduct in memorial days:

  1. To come to the grave to commemorate the dead you only need in special memorial days.
  2. Before going to the cemetery, you must go to the Church to pray to leave the candle.
  3. No need for the tomb to allow drinking and large meals. It used to be that the more charity will hand relatives of the deceased and the less watch for yourself, the better for the souls of the deceased.
  4. To the grave do not place cigarettes or pour out liquor as if the dead man did not like who life.
  5. You need to put a lamp or light a candle from the Church no matter how much she will burn in the wind.
  6. If the cemetery is a temple or a Church, then it is advisable to go to the main entrance.
  7. At the grave you can leave Easter egg, candy and cookies.
  8. In the funeral days in the cemetery do not get too loud to talk, to argue and Express their violent emotions.
  9. If the cemetery you have that down, then it automatically belongs to the dead earth and if this thing is for You not too expensive, it is best to leave the graveyard.
  10. Never to speak of the dead "good-bye" to soon was not with him, you must say "goodbye".
  11. After going to the grave should be well under running water to wash hands and thoroughly clean shoes.At the current pace of life, routine care once a heart, warm feelings, people whom we love and appreciate as overwritten. No matter how a person relates to spiritual holidays, he is a believer or not, you still need a gratitude attitude and honor deceased relatives.

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