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In Greek epitaphs is the inscription on the gravestone, we come up with in the case of the death of the person. Tombstone inscriptions can be in the form of poetry, sayings, and words of sorrow. Epitaphs, which are written on the memorial monuments are often short, but carry profound philosophical meaning. Funeral inscriptions show kindness to the deceased, characteristic of his most important life qualities, sayings or words that prophesied about himself late in life, or what had intended to leave at the monument.

Basically the epitaph the last words left by family and close friends seeing in the last journey of the deceased, considering the emotions that they experience. Special relationship to a dear and close person, who has gone from being, You can Express in interestingly decorated the monument, stating your feelings in a brief commemorative inscriptions addressed to the deceased. The ritual "house of Mourning" offers a choice of epitaph, which our employees can write on the monument or You can give your own text. The epitaph is performed using bronirovka letters or engraved.


Epitaphs mom

In order to correctly pick up the inscription on the tombstone the mother should overlook a collection of epitaphs dedicated to a dear and loved person in everyone's life. Our funeral home offers to find the best versions of these little creatures, among them You can find those same strings, which will be able to Express your emotions and to raise the clear way of the mother. The epitaph on the tomb of the mother can be executed in a special font that will complement the whole picture of the monument.

  • Before thy chastity knees will bow, Love and pain, guilt and sorrow tears will pour.
  • The warmth of your soul remains with Us...
  • Leaving the life you still live, You are in our thoughts and dreams.
  • To your premature grave, our path is not overgrown. Native your scapular, the image of thy love, always here for us.
  • You left too soon, Our pain will not show the words, Rest, my dear, dear you our pain and wound, But the memory of you live a century...

Epitaph father

Epitaph father, is considered one of the most short-lived creations. They fit the most clear feelings and broadcast much more about Your emotions than lanky sayings. In this section You can choose the most touching and profound epitaphs, which evoke only a sense of light, reminding us how close and kind the deceased was.

  • You died, and from the heart.
  • The one who was valuable in life, From those who loves and grieves.
  • After leaving Us, still you live in our thoughts, dreams. Fate granted will not experience. We remember you in joy and in sadness.
  • Not dead he is not dead. He left, and somewhere close...
  • Worthy lived, sadness is not in the bill, remained In the memory of respect and honor.
  • Father! You're gone and there's no return, But in vain your life is not over... The harder our loss.

Epitaphs parents

Simple, easy work of this kind is extremely rare. You need to convey so much in respect to those whom we loved in life and love after death. Epitaph for parents in General the monument can be presented in different styles, to recreate the best traits.

  • The whole life of him/her was in the works relentlessly
  • Teaching acceptance of death is the last gift of her parents.
  • You go, though faithful to the land. You forever live in the memory of loved ones!
  • Many thanks to the children and grandchildren and warm memories!
  • The spring of life, faith, and love for loving descendants.

Epitaph children

  • The death of a loved one is the biggest pain a person feels. When children die, parents lose a piece of yourself forever lose their bleed. In the epitaph children expressed deep pain and visible maternal tears, the words themselves Express the grief.
  • Your face I see in every cradle, And I know that you cherish me.
  • Oh dear child, my dear. Poor, forgive me! My soul burned in the fire That swept tornado mortals in the country.
  • Oh, how many souls you loved, Oh, how many kindred hearts — Hearts, thy life is lived, Your premature'll be amazed by the end!

Funeral inscriptions must be ordered exclusively from these masters that will help nice and correctly to arrange the burial place and place all artistic elements in the composition.  

Ideas and examples of epitaphs:

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