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In life there are situations when you want to save the body of a deceased person during a certain period of time. In such cases our funeral service Mourning offers to conduct the embalming – procedure with a long history and periodically experiencing the "rise" of popularity.

Why the need for the procedure of embalming?

Reasons when people turn to embalming of the deceased:

  • The desire to preserve a body without putrefaction before the arrival of the relatives or for the purpose of transportation to the place of burial. Especially in hot weather and humidity;
  • The decision to "preserve" a deceased famous figure or historical figure, so that the descendants could have a fair presentation.

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In any case, the embalming of the body provide relief from putrefactive bacteria that cause the decomposition of the tissues and cells of the body. To spend it at home or done by professionals in special institutions morgues.

Embalming in the morgue

Funeral services are at its disposal premises, equipment and staff capable of embalming the dead on the level. In this case the determining factor is the postmortem and the need for a separate study of the removed organs. Often this practice takes place in forensics. In this case, the embalming of a person is also possible, but is it pie way, gradually saturating the body with chemical compounds. Requires clearness and accuracy skills, anatomical knowledge of the pathological processes.

The procedure of embalming

For this purpose in the circulatory system of the body introduces a special substance (formalin), the concentration of which provides the effect of a particular duration. The only condition is the timeliness of the procedure and a clear definition of the ultimate goal: how to preserve the body? The introduction of solutions is performed with syringes with large needles entered as clearly as possible into the blood stream. The preservation of the corpse without rotting a few days to happen after using a 10-15% solution of formalin. Long time intervals require high concentrations.

Embalming at home

There are cases when because of the savings, or lack of conditions for delivery of the body to the morgue, resort to conduct embalming services in the home. It is less reliable and requires the conditions:

The conditions for the embalming of the body at home:

  • Ventilated room (because formaldehyde has a strong odor);
  • The knowledge of the person performing the embalming, the blood vessels and their size;
  • The use of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, goggles to protect the eyes of the authorities);
  • Guarantee the authenticity of the drug.

What will be the cost of embalming a person?

The answer to the question "how much does the embalming?" depends on several factors:

  • used drugs;
  • the initial state of a body;
  • the duration of the expected result.

To calculate their potential needs based on the knowledge of how much a body to be embalmed at the mortuary. This service is estimated to be from 2000 hryvnia. Embalming is a convenient and, in certain cases, necessary procedure. It allows you to extend a farewell to the deceased, to transmit to posterity the bodies of famous people, saints individuals or simply beloved and dear people.

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