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Funeral – это не застолье и не простой обед. Это ритуал прощания с душой родственника (или друга). Вопрос, что приготовить на поминки, нередко задают молодые хозяйки, впервые столкнувшиеся с необходимостью готовить блюда для поминальной трапезы.

The abundance of expensive food at the funeral was inappropriate. But there are dishes that are mandatory for funeral dinners.

Kutia – a dish which is worth to know more

Without kutya – a sweet grain cereals – do not Wake village nor city funeral meal. The spiritual meaning of this dish is interesting and important: grain symbolizes the immortality of the soul, raisins and honey "remind you" of eternal sweetness, which gives spirituality.

A memorial Christmas pudding

The question how to cook Christmas pudding for the Wake, relevant for those who are preparing to conduct "farewell," on the fortieth day after the death of a relative. The recipe is often asked and those who asked to organize a meal a year after the tragic event.

Recall that the pudding can be prepared only from whole grains of wheat or rice. This ingredient you will need five hundred grams. Other than wheat (rice) you need to prepare the following products:

  • Raisins (one hundred and fifty – two hundred grams).
  • Eighty grams of honey.
  • The crushed kernel of walnut (thirty grams).
  • You will also need a liter of water.

The nuances of cooking Kuti

So the pudding was crumbly, rice (or wheat) before cooking soaked in water for five to seven hours. Then the rice should be put on a medium heat and cook until the grains are soft. For a few minutes until tender, add porridge honey, diluted with water, raisins (well washed), nuts. The finished dish will have to be sustained at a memorial service (to the nearest Church) that the priest consecrated the pudding. Recall that the memorial meal starts with this dish. Each invited person should have some corner and then to move on to other dishes – soup, sandwiches.

What to prepare for the commemoration of 40 days

Sorokovyi – date difficult, and we can say, decisive. It was on the fortieth day the soul of the deceased finds out what the future prepared for her the Higher powers: if she will join the Lord's Angels, or plunge into chaos and darkness. Relatives and friends of the deceased, gathering for the memorial table, pray for the soul of the deceased, remembering his noble deeds. Well, if people will rage a lot, and of prayer that these people will be sincere.

The most popular dishes for the luncheon.

  • Cakes. Prudent Housewives cook the patties in the Wake of several types: with meat, mushrooms, cabbage, with jam.Pies for the Wake
  • Pancakes. For funeral meals fit pancakes without filling (served with honey).Блины
  • Noodles cooked in meat broth.
  • Borsch.Soup for the Wake
  • Scones with jam. Recall that the ritual bread is an important moment of the funeral rites. When the funeral ends, guests zasobiralsya home, don't forget to give them with them at least two rolls.
  • Chicken baked with vegetables.
  • Sandwiches with fish. For small neat sandwiches will fit sprats and fried capelin. 
  • The compote. Alcoholic beverages – the undesirable addition to the funeral dishes. But if you decide that a little alcohol is necessary, control the amount of alcohol consumed by guests. There are many cases when excessive libations at the funeral ended with quarrels.The compote to the Wake
  • Additions to the vegetarian menu: salad. vinegret
  • Fish aspic.
  • Sweet pies (cherry, banana, apples). Recall that the ritual bread on the memorial table, which is in the post, "does not recognize" the filling of cottage cheese.
  • Mashed potatoes (it can be to submit marinated tomatoes, caviar of eggplant).
  • Fried fish (perch, pike).
  • Herring marinated. She served the slices on a large platter.Селёдка
  • Vegetable soup. Variants of this dish several. You can prepare summer soup with dock leaves. Modern Housewives are sometimes added to the vegetable soup. canned fish – sardines or carp in tomato sauce.
  • Fresh cabbage and carrots. Coleslaw

The main purpose of the luncheon. – to support the guests, to unite them in grief. Why meatless meals should be simple but hearty.

What to cook for memorial 1 year

If you are preparing for the funeral, timed to the anniversary of the death of a relative, remember that this meal is only for those closest to the deceased. Extra culinary difficulties themselves do not create. Also Kuti (she's "the Queen" any funeral meal), you can prepare these dishes:

Standard dishes on the anniversary of the death of a loved one

  • Borsch.
  • Mashed potatoes or stewed potatoes with mushrooms.
  • Fried fish fillets.
  • Pancakes.
  • Jelly.
  • The chicken cutlets.

Knowing the preferences of the deceased, can cook a dish which he loved especially much (roasts, pies, salad).

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