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in difficult times
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Organizational issues that need to be addressed after a person's death is always difficult. One of the issues that needs to be addressed first is the need to move the body to the morgue after the doctor gives his opinion on the cause of death. It is from the morgue that the body of the deceased is handed out for burial. So that everything goes smoothly and the grief-stricken person does not have to worry about transport issues, it is better to order the transportation of the body to the morgue from the managers of the TRAUR funeral home.

Among the special days for the commemoration of the dead in Orthodoxy there is a special Saturday. This is a dedicated day of the year when you need to go to the temple and to the place of burial, praying for the souls of the dead and giving to charity.

Death and funerals can affect any person throughout life. The appearance of the deceased is the most important element of a good and decent funeral. Clothes for burial, sell the funeral agencies. In order to properly hold a woman or a young girl in other world, you will need to know what to bury her.

The loss of a loved one difficult experience even for adults, and children even brighter react to sad news. Minors should carefully and properly to report the death of a relative, so as not to injure the psyche. It is important to choose correct words that do not shock the child.

Saturday is designed for commemoration of the dead. Each Saturday, but got to the post, may be intended to commemorate, but in a year there are several dates that stand out particularly. They are called Saturday.

The funeral of the religions have the same meaning to say goodbye to a loved one, to release him from this world and prepare for the transition into the other. Religious traditions over the centuries. The burial rituals in different faiths have features.

The graves of dear people who have left our land, it is the duty of love and tribute. There are many beliefs that are firmly in our lives. We used to bring food to the cemetery and not think about the significance of this ritual. Is it possible to do it and where did the tradition? Let's try to answer this question.

The death of a loved one is the most tragic event in the life of every person. In the hour of remembrance is difficult to find the right words that would Express all the grief. To do the Eulogy at the funeral needs of the person who will be able to control your feelings not to extend its duration and to Express the right words of comfort. How to say that the deceased was a great man? Words can't describe his best qualities and not to overreact? Read the ethics of remembrance and the basic rules of what they say at the funeral.

In the hearts of relatives and friends of the deceased will always remain alive in the same way they live for God. The commemoration, which should be done on certain days, allows you to pay tribute to the dead, asking forgiveness for their souls – and just remember the good that was associated with them in life.

Opinions about kissing the dead are divided: some say a ritual as tribute to past traditions, while others refer to the unreasonably stupid risk health.

When faced with the death of loved ones, experiencing not only a flurry of feelings and emotions, but face many difficulties in organizing funerals. It is important to spend one last way to honor his memory.

Radonitsa – all souls ' day family and loved ones. We remind you that Radonitsa is closely connected with the feast of the Passover. That connects these two holidays, and when Christians celebrate the day of Radonitsa in 2017, will be discussed in the following sections of the article.

Honoring the memory of the dead is an ongoing process that takes place in the soul of every man. But there are special days in the year when all the people who have lost loved ones, merging into a unified prayer for the dead. Such events are called "Saturday Orthodox" and depend on religious holidays, as well as related posts. Remembrance of the dead, gives them eternal life in the hearts of living people, which, in turn, through the prayer for the dead is the hope of the resurrection.

In essence, the funeral is a Church procession, in which there is a reading, in a sequence of prayers designed to guide and escort the person to the other world. It is cetopsidae popularly called a burial service, because half of the stichera, prayers, passages from the Bible are sung.

Funeral – это не застолье и не простой обед. Это ритуал прощания с душой родственника (или друга). Вопрос, что приготовить на поминки, нередко задают молодые хозяйки, впервые столкнувшиеся с необходимостью готовить блюда для поминальной трапезы.

The abundance of expensive food at the funeral was inappropriate. But there are dishes that are mandatory for funeral dinners.

Have you buried a loved one, unbearable pain breaks the heart? Difficulties can be overcome, you'll need time for emotional recovery. The people who have experienced the death of loved ones, often need consultation with a psychologist. Without proper care people can get sick with a serious illness or be depressed for a long time.

The loss of loved ones – the huge mountain in the life of every person. Even fear of his own death could not overcome the fear of losing parents, children, loved ones, friends. That is why dreams in which, one way or another, there is a funeral procession, are the most dreadful. After such a dream man for quite a long time recovering, trying to dispel the terrible memories of reasonable explanations. Paramount and the ambulance service in this sense there is an appeal to this pulp fiction, like dream interpretation – the funeral.

Funerals are not joyous event where the majority of people sad and cry because of the loss of a friend or relative. This day allows for the last time to hold a deceased person on his last journey. For this reason this event is important to choose the appropriate clothing that will help to show respect for the deceased.

Traditionally, the funeral, it is customary to wear dark. Because black color is considered an indicator of style, elegance and sorrow. It is mandatory to take into account the religious features of the deceased person. For example, to a funeral in India choose apparel is not dark shades, and white. After all, there are such traditions.

Tradition to bear on the grave of a deceased person the flowers came from the old times. The flowers for the funeral and their color depend on the customs and habitats. People are interested in, what flowers for a funeral to wear to show grief for the deceased person. Most people choose roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, tulips and orchids. In Ukraine, the color of the flowers to the funeral also plays a role. Often the funeral, the relatives are red carnations and pale rose. Relevant is the bouquet, which in life he loved the deceased person. You can learn about it from friends.

Residents of large cities of Ukraine prefer cremation to a traditional funeral. Why is this happening and how are the funeral after cremation, will be discussed in this article.

Cremation as the method of burial of the dead, practised by different peoples since time immemorial. Gradually, many of them abandoned this practice emerged because of religious beliefs. To return to this issue helped the discovery of microorganisms and their effects on living beings. It was established and proven that the burial of the deceased in the earth poisons the land and groundwater and poses a major threat to the living.

Death can catch the person in any place, but buried he should be in his native land. Adhering to this rule, and fulfilling last wishes of the deceased, his relatives are often faced with a serious problem with the transportation of the body across the border. Shipping 200 from one country to another – the process is very complicated, and independently to organize it is almost impossible. Quickly and carefully deliver the deceased to the place of burial will help the company in Mourning. We work closely with leading funeral services in the different countries of the world, and for a short period of time to transport the deceased anywhere in the globe.

In life there are situations when you want to save the body of a deceased person during a certain period of time. In such cases our funeral service Mourning offers to conduct the embalming – procedure with a long history and periodically experiencing the "rise" of popularity.

Funeral – a complex and responsible process, and most often it starts with the selection of a coffin. How to choose a final resting place for the dead and what you should pay attention while choosing, to tell the funeral-funeral service of "Mourning".

In Greek epitaphs is the inscription on the gravestone, we come up with in the case of the death of the person. Tombstone inscriptions can be in the form of poetry, sayings, and words of sorrow. Epitaphs, which are written on the memorial monuments are often short, but carry profound philosophical meaning. Funeral inscriptions show kindness to the deceased, characteristic of his most important life qualities, sayings or words that prophesied about himself late in life, or what had intended to leave at the monument.

During the funeral of a loved one, his family wants the mournful ceremony was held worthy and noble, especially the room of the coffin to the grave. A special mechanism to lower into the grave the coffin gently and carefully is the walk – through. Ritual lift to allow the funeral rituals at a decent level. With it, the burial of the deceased becomes more solemn and gentle. In Western countries and in America, singumator use since the middle of last century. In Ukraine this service is not very popular, perhaps due to the fact that this opportunity not known to all.

The funeral in many people cause feelings of fear and anxiety. This is not surprising. After this farewell ceremony with the deceased is not only sad, but also something mysterious and even mystical. Knowledgeable people say that one awkward movement during the ritual could doom the soul of the deceased in eternal suffering, as well as a self-fulfilling prophecy in alive. Whether so it actually – is unknown. But in any case everyone should know what to do at the funeral. And, most importantly, how to do it properly, so in the future to write off their problems and failures committed at the time of the error.

The death of a loved one is a difficult loss for everyone. No matter sick or he was completely healthy, had a lot of friends or on the contrary – pushed away others with their actions, to accept that it will never be impossible. In such situations, all that remains is to provide a decent burial. Their organization is not easy, especially for those who are faced with grief for the first time.

Grief from losing a loved one is a difficult ordeal for his family. To organize a decent farewell with him, need professional help. Especially if for a funeral is required to deliver the deceased from abroad. Funeral Bureau "Mourning" provides a full range of shipping services and the meeting of the "cargo 200" in the airport Borispol (Kiev, Ukraine) and the funeral of the "turnkey".

The days of obedience in the Orthodox Church are also called "Saturday" though not all fall on this day. Saturday are the days when commemorate loved ones and dear people. These days people visit the cemetery to tidy the graves and bring familiar treats.

What to do when you say that you do not come to the funeral? For example, this story: "It happened when my father died my ex-wife. She asked me not to come, despite the fact that our marriage lasted over twenty years and I had a good relationship with her parents. The former is explained by the fact that her current husband my presence would be unpleasant. I respect her wish, however, I think that should be around children at this point. The question is, if my ex dies before me, do I have to go to her funeral? In this situation appropriate?".

Easter, or Easter Sunday, one of the most important holidays in the Orthodox calendar. For the believer, this day symbolizes the victory of eternal life over death.

To celebrate the holiday starts with a solemn service in the temples. It is believed that the believers, who defended the whole service from start to finish, receive a special grace of the Almighty. In the morning people return home to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ in the circle of family. Go to the meal only after partaking of painted eggs, the symbol of eternal life promised to every Christian. On the table also needs to present the cakes and curd Easter.