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cargo 200«Груз 200» – это межнациональная и областная перевозка усопшего тела в любую точку страны и мира. Цинковый гроб с усопшим весит около 200 килограмм и числится как «Груз 200» в авиационной накладной. Сейчас так называется всякая транспортировка покойника по территории державы или из одной страны в другую, независимо от вида транспорта, который его транспортирует. Также «грузом 200» называют транспортирование урны с останками покойного. Огромный опыт работы с представительствами иностранных стран в Украине имеет наше ритуальное бюро Траур. Чтобы рассчитать транспортировку «груза 200» звоните по указанным телефонам на сайте. Организация и проведение транспортировки, подбор автотранспорта и оформление всех нужных бумаг отнимает немало времени. Не все родственники знают и понимают, каким образом проходят подобные процедуры и на каких нюансах нужно заострять особое внимание.

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SHIPPING 200: US, EU, Russia 

Ritual Agency "Mourning" gives a complete package of services that will allow you to choose the budget option and appropriate way of road, rail or air traffic, and also arranges the funeral of someone dear. Employees of the funeral Agency provide all transportation stages:

  • execution of accompanying, as well as papers related to the resolution of the embassies and the customs service;
  • galvanization of the coffin;
  • saving to the morgue the body of the deceased at the time of execution and receipt of the documentation;
  • the organization of embalming the body to move at a long distance;
  • selection of specially equipped transport;
  • the choice of the zinc container for hermetic sealing;
  • if necessary and in case of a long route agent to accompany the body from the starting destination to the final;
  • selection of special transport;
  • shipping "cargo 200" to the morgue;
  • the pin-out and disposal of the container.

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«Груз 200» в Россию

When transporting "cargo 200" to Russia need the following documentation:

  1. Paper confirming the death.
  2. Certificate of mummification.
  3. Documents from the sanitary-epidemiological service.
  4. Paper showing the sealing.
  5. The resolution of the receiving side.
  6. The paperwork on the maintenance and carriage of the body.


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«Груз 200» Украина

For transportation of "cargo 200" in Ukraine need the following:

  1. The purchase of a death certificate in such institutions as medical service, police, local authorities.
  2. To apply to the ceremonial and ritual order of the machine to the specified location.
  3. Start preparing a farewell ceremony.

Transportation "cargo 200" in Ukraine is accompanied by the following documentation:

  1. The translation of passport data.
  2. Documents with epithelial sanitary service.
  3. In court cases, help from the prosecution.
  4. Document confirming that in a zinc coffin, no foreign objects and things.
  5. Official confirmation of the death.

Sending and meeting "Cargo 200" 

Transportation "cargo 200" by means of rail or air transport. When shipments need to use galvanized carrying case that will fit the body. According to the sanitary standards cover zinc drawer must be closely soldered on the perimeter. You need to know that not all trains have a special wagon to transport the coffin, and not every airline takes flight on Board the "cargo 200".

For short distances sending "cargo 200" by means of a motor vehicle. When transporting the embalmed body of the deceased on the car in Ukraine, do not always use a zinc coffin, it simply is transported in a hearse. A great advantage of this procedure is that the body in the casket is delivered directly to the place of burial, allowing families to save on the order of the hearse. Meeting, submission, and maintenance of this cargo shall be dealt with by professionals as they know what to do in unexpected situations. Contacting the funeral Agency "Mourning" You will receive detailed information about what documents are needed for organizing this service.

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