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The coffin – the essential ritual accessory for carrying out the funeral. The types of coffins from a funeral home Mourning: Elite · VIP · Exclusive · Polished · Upholstered in fabric · Budget coffins · Sarcophagus.

Coffins from 700 UAH, delivery across Ukraine

 The modern funeral ceremony, it is impossible to imagine without a coffin. A coffin is the resting place of the mortal human body. Knowing all the grief that befell the family and friends of a deceased person, funeral Agency "Mourning" helps people choose the coffin, which not only looked decent, but also consistent with the financial capabilities of our clients. Depending on the religion and the demands of customers, we offer different options for a final resting place. Responsive staff our funeral services will help to choose and order a coffin for the deceased of different gender, age and social status.

Price grid for coffins

  • Budget (coffins draped): 700-3500 UAH.
  • Elite (polished): 3500-35000 UAH.
  • Exclusive (VIP): 15000-290000 UAH.

Exclusive coffins (VIP)

Exclusive coffins, VIP, Kiev

An exclusive coffins are made of solid precious wood: oak, cherry, maple, poplar, cedar, beech.

Polished elite graves (VIP)

Polished coffins in Kiev, elite

Along with economical options, we offer wooden coffins from the wood of many species, including honey: the Karelian pine and mahogany. The range includes leather and patent coffins, made in European style, alder and pine.

Budget coffins draped (photo)

Kiev coffins draped

We offer affordable budget coffins draped from 700 UAH. Among the large range we offer a beautiful coffins are upholstered using polyester crepe-satin, silk, satin, velvet and lace.


To buy a coffin in Kyiv inexpensively – funeral Mourning

 The custom of burial of the dead is one of the oldest traditions of the modern rite of the ritual. Our specialists are ready around the clock to advise you and help to choose and buy a coffin. The ritual "house of Mourning" works and delivers coffins in Kiev (in any point of the city), as well as in the Kiev region. We have our own production, we accept orders round the clock and promptly delivered the finished product. Order and buy the coffin from our catalogue you can simply call the phone numbers listed on the website.

Standard and luxury coffins with delivery across Ukraine

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The coffin and all related paraphernalia is prepared in period from several hours to several days depending on the complexity of the order. If the specialists of our Bureau will not be able to offer you a suitable alternative within required timeframe, it will be chosen a worthy alternative already ready for sale. We offer a wide range of funeral coffins and sarcophagi of various levels and cost.

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How to choose the coffin (material, dimensions, form) characteristics of design and manufacture

  • The size is determined on the basis of growth and size of the deceased.For length, usually it is + 10 cm.
  • For width, use the usual household sizes and depending on them can be selected width: up to 52 sizes – Standard, 53-60 size "Deck" and 60 size – "Speckled".
  • All possible forms can be viewed in our catalogue, is this: a normal deck, hexagon or octagon. The external decoration is characterized by the principle of polished or upholstered with fabric of various colours and lid: removable or two-track gantry.
  • Also, a separate item is always a specialized sarcophagus to transport the dead is so-called a zinc coffin. He is not represented in our catalogue but we do sell them.

Veiled inside of a pillow and a blanket, which can be selected from standard solutions and custom. If necessary, order additional accessories, cross, funeral wreaths in the form of rings or a kind of floral bedspreads. During transportation, the sarcophagus is placed in a zinc.

Features of the production and sales of graves from the Agency's "Mourning"

All products presented on the pages of this website are made in our own production in Kiev, due to this, we offer the largest large range of products: coffins polished, lacquered, upholstered, made of solid wood, zinc as well as imported sarcophagi, brought under the order. We produce all products of the best, mostly natural materials:

  • the various species of wood and materials;
  • the various species of wood as the pattern;
  • natural fabrics (velvet, satin, silk, cotton).

how to choose a coffin

As needed, use a polyester crepe satin. Prepare and decorate using various lace and other fabrics with the experience of professional fabric decorators.

In addition to our own production, we can bring to your attention to help you to quickly import and buy a coffin in Kiev, foreign production from industry leaders funeral paraphernalia. Usually, this sarcophagus elite level two-roof VIP coffins made of solid wood equipped with unique accessories, embellished and decorated with luxury elements (this can be paintings, illustrations, elements of gilding or gold).

The production of coffins

The actual production of coffins is divided into several stages, which vary depending on the final product.

For coffins, covered with cloth, it is:

  • the manufacture of the frame (or so-called boxes);
  • technical decoration (usually painting or coating stain);
  • varnishing significant or visible elements of wood;
  • padding boxes;
  • installation accessories
  • laying bed and related attributes.

This economical class of sarcophagi, and they're on the catalog page
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For polished coffins manufacturing process is slightly different:

  • the manufacture of the frame (or so-called boxes);
  • technical decoration (usually painting or coating stain);
  • further decoration (painting in a particular final or basic (for application of further illustrations) color);
  • drying the surface;
  • subsequent varnishing;
  • drying the painted surface;
  • installation accessories
  • laying bed and related attributes.

Polished (lacquered) presented on the catalog page
"Polished coffins" >>>


Elite graves of our production have the same basic process as polished, but the main differences are:

  • processing of wood;
  • manufacturing double cap;
  • complicated accessories using gold, etc.
  • multiple painting and impregnation varnish
  • elements elite decor
  • composite cross embedded in the cover (or Orthodox Catholic);
  • venoznae decoration;
  • the decoration carved in the form of patterns, symbols, biblical scenes, or characters;
  • the use of precious and semi-precious metals);
  • the application prepared the illustrations on the cover or the entire area of the coffin.

Luxury and exclusive products can be viewed on the catalog page
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Budget and polished coffins with delivery across Ukraine

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