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The tradition of upholster fabric coffins have survived from the times of the Soviet Union. The thing is that the other options upholstery coffins are simply not there. So they did such.

Now this method of upholstery was one of several. But, despite the fact that the coffins make and decorate in different ways, it is the coffins draped combine a decent, nice looking and low price. Moreover, we can buy a coffin upholstered in any color and size. We guarantee the lowest prices in Ukraine.

Than upholster the coffins for the Orthodox departed?

Traditional norms in these coffins are often buried Orthodox deceased. In comparison with other coffins, they are not expensive. For the Orthodox departed upholstery material used satin. Also there are three colors option, this is red, blue or black upholstery. This section presents a few examples of the colors of the coffins covered with a cloth.

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What made all the coffins draped

Such coffins cut from the trimmed, planed, solid fir or pine. Before you cut the boards the coffin is carefully dried. Polished coffins ready upholster fabric. The fabric can be of different material.

  • Cotton.
  • Silk.
  • Velvet.
  • Brocade.
  • Atlas.
  • Chintz.

We have to order a coffin covered with a cloth, you can send to any designated place in Ukraine. The coffins look very nice, so the method of their manufacture and upholstery still holds among many others. Because they acquire it in order to bury the deceased with all the honors. So now the coffins are upholstered in exclusive.

Choosing a coffin for the deceased remember not only about size but also about the types of products, for example, the coffin lid can be removable or double flip. Removable covers originally used. But double flip came to us from European models of coffins.

When choosing the size does not need to know many parameters of the deceased. Enough growth and clothing sizes in the belt. Often take into account the size, Pluse to the growth of deceased 15, 20 cm. This is done in order not to miscalculate the length and width. Not everyone knows, but the standard framework to customize the manufacturer to do the length of their products is a multiple of ten. Types of coffins are different in width and are made, given the size of the clothes. There are 4 types.

  1. Deck.
  2. A special deck.
  3. Standard
  4. Domovina.

Therefore, the choice of coffin, check with the seller.

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