The photograph of the deceased
in difficult times
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the photograph of the deceased

 Everyone to a greater or lesser extent, faced with such unpleasant events as the funerals of friends and relatives. The death of relatives or friends to survive is hard enough.

 Doubly difficult if even in these difficult days you will be alone to deal with the paperwork, ordering the coffin and wreaths, the search space for the graves, the organization of the ritual of farewell and burial or the cremation of the deceased.  Ritual service "Mourning" can assist in this matter.

Given the fact that grief associated with the care of loved ones, peace of mind and confidence can lose even the most seasoned people. In this regard, it is especially important to have at least General knowledge about the events connected with the funeral of a man.

 Conducting funeral ceremony requires many attributes. While one of the special places is a photograph of the deceased, which is tied with a black ribbon. He is considered a symbol of mourning and remembrance for the dead.

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When ordering funeral services and funeral arrangements the Agency "Mourning" having extensive experience in this area, You can order the production of photographic portraits based on photos provided.

Our professional art designer can make an artistic and technical process any photographic material. The photograph of the deceased in our specialist workshop will be designed in such a way that it will 100% fit all your requirements, with requirements, available in the funeral ritual. This photograph is printed on waterproof and nevygorayuschey the surface, and then decorated in a frame, decorated with a black memorial ribbon. If you want, we can make a reproduction of any photo with his increased.

Typically, the digital cameras are made in several copies, which can then be used in the house of the deceased during the funeral meal, as well as the cemetery.

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