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Элитные похороны — процедура особой сложности и ответственности, и ee грамотное исполнение доступно немногим похоронным бюро. Элитные похороны от бюро ТРАУР — это гарантия организации и проведения проводов усопшего на высочайшем уровне мировых стандартов качества.

We provide a range of European products from brands, we organize the entire process of the funeral, will take care of all aspects of the funeral process.

Conducting VIP-funeral at a high level. Global standards of the funeral arrangements. Call: (044)568 06 27, (095)496-37-99, (096)989-92-32.

Bouquets and baskets for elite funerals

Pictures of bouquets and baskets for elite funerals

Organizing and conducting elite funeral includes:

  1. All the necessary consultations at the time of treatment and the prompt arrival of the funeral agent
  2. Transportation of the deceased to the morgue and prepare it for burial or cremation
  3. The execution of all necessary documentation
  4. Assistance in selecting convenient places in the cemetery
  5. The provision of funeral goods — an exclusive coffins and burial clothes, exclusive wreaths of flowers VIP ·class.
  6. Organization of ceremony of farewell and funeral in the best areas of the city
  7. The provision of these additional accessories that will highlight the status of VIP funerals: ritual lift, benches, tents, coasters wreaths.
  8. Rent a hearse and comfortable transportation of the deceased to the mourners in the last path
  9. Escort the procession of ambulances and DAI
  10. Funeral escort the coffin of brass music, string ensemble
  11. The placing of the guard
  12. Selection of the VIP-hall and organizing the luncheon.
  13. Luxury the mourning hall for the ceremony of civil funeral.
  14. Preliminary design of a funeral hall for the ceremony of farewell
  15. Any detail that You would like to add to the ceremony a loved one can be specified and implemented for the Agency's "Mourning" nothing is impossible.

Elite VIP funeral with the help of funeral MOURNING is well and professionally organized event of the highest class, which will adequately stress ✓social status of the deceased.

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