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Grief always comes suddenly to him never ready. Therefore, in order to process a moment with the deceased, a burial in a cemetery, a ceremonial dinner and other mandatory procedures for the organization of burials were held at a high level, you need to seek specialized help. In this case, ritual Agency "Mourning" will take all the trouble on themselves.

Comprehensive funeral at reasonable prices

Funeral home "the Mourning" this funeral service is available in all areas and at the most affordable prices on the ceremonial services and attributes. Our agents on the organization of the ceremonies of the burial are working around the clock, will come to You immediately or give the necessary advice over the phone. In our office the most complete list we offer services in Kiev and region.

Ritual Agency" Mourning" offers a full complex of services:

  • preparation and execution of all necessary official documents associated with the burials;
  • call agent for a ceremonial house, with whom you can discuss all important organizational issues and carrying out the burial, order all the services You need and sign a contract for maintenance and support;
  • transportation of a deceased person to the crematorium, the morgue or the refrigerating chamber;
  • organizing and conducting VIP of the funeral.
  • storage of the deceased from a day to a few days;
  • transportation, meeting, send, and clearance 200;
  • transportation pomershie person in the hearse to the cemetery or crematorium, as well as bus transport everyone to say goodbye with the deceased;
  • services funeral orchestra, which could accompany as to the place of burial, and during the ceremonial meal.
  • selling all function attributes that will be required in the process of conducting a burial, given all the traditions and rites;
  • a team of 4-6 men for shoulder carrying the coffin;
  • holding funeral meals in all districts of Kyiv, as well as in a crematorium;
  • assistance in the selection of monuments and crosses on the grave;
  • cleaning services over the grave of the deceased when the relatives are unable to care for her;
  • disinfection of premises after death.
The Director of the funeral

Funeral home "Mourning" provides qualified services to the population for 10 years. The experts of the Bureau Mourning will take care of all the nuances which may appear during a funeral ceremony, funeral dinners or preparation of documents and guarantee a loyal approach to each client. Ceremonial dinner will be held in accordance with the requirements of the customer and appropriate to the area of the city.

Ritual agents of our company will agree on the number of seats, music and a function menu, if necessary, will take care of the selection of meatless dishes.

The list of our services includes a huge assortment of monuments and crosses for installation on the grave of the deceased. If necessary, we can take all need burial merchandise for their transport to the place of burial and professionally install it. Always honestly and openly calculate the cost of services on the organization of the funeral.



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