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Funeral services г. Киев и Киевская область
Social funeral 5000 UAH
Social cremation from 5000 UAH
Check out the funeral agent бесплатно
- Funeral reference service 044 568 06 27
The organization and carrying out of funeral 24 hours
Полноценная кремации 24 hours


Funeral services – это все виды услуг, которые связаны с погребением человека (оформление документов, подготовка места захоронения, похороны, кремация, уход за могилой и др).

Ritual MOURNING, the Agency provides the full range of funeral services. The organization and carrying out of funeral, from A to Z. Shop of ritual services in Kiev MOURNING: significant discounts and reasonable prices for goods and funeral services.

  • We work without intermediaries.
  • 15 years of experience in the field of funeral services.
  • Find a solution for each person.
  • The most affordable prices on funeral services in Ukraine.

We work around the CLOCK.
When ordering from the website funeral wreath for FREE.

ритуальные услуги киев

When the life goes loved one, his death is a real challenge for the grieving relatives and friends. In addition to a deep shock from loss and strong emotions on the shoulders rests the burden of responsibility.

Call around the clock!

We know that you will always be able to help You.

Похоронное бюро ТРАУР – полный комплекс похоронно-ритуальных услуг в Киеве и по всей Украине. Выбрав нашу ритуальную службу, вы сможете совершенно не волноваться о проведении похорон.

We take care of all the paperwork and other "red tape", which is not at the time of loss. Turning to us, all Your problems will fall on our experienced shoulders. Our funeral parlor is located in Kiev and offers funeral services of the Kiev region, but throughout Ukraine.


Funeral services MOURNING serves all areas of the city of Kiev:

  • Right shore: center, Pechersk; Kiev region; Podolsk district, the bottom Hem, Obolon district, Obolon; Sviatoshynskyi district, Kyiv; Solomenskiy district; Holosiyivsky district of Kyiv.
  • Left Bank: Darnitskiy district, darnica; Dniprovskyi district; Desnyanskiy area, Troyeshchyna; Darnytsya district of Kyiv; Kharkiv; Osokorky.


  Сотрудники ритуального дома ТРАУР со всем тактом и пониманием помогут Вам пережить этот тяжёлый период, взяв на себя организационные хлопоты по похоронам и оказав Вам психологическую поддержку. Похороны близкого Вам человека состоятся на достойном уровне и в полном соответствии с Вашими предпочтениями и религиозными традициями.

 The body of a deceased person will be preserved and prepared for burial according to the rules, in addition to sanitary processing we professionally execute his embalming and do post-mortem makeup. Thanks to this set of measures during the funeral ceremony, the deceased will look the most natural and dignified, and that means You will be able to say goodbye to him, remembering him as he was in life.

Pensioners and war veterans the coffin is provided free of charge!

So You do not waste precious time and energy, we offer a full range of funeral services. Order everything you need in one place, You will be able to pay more attention to friends and family, and to find support or to provide it to those who needs it. Our funeral home in Kiev and the region will undertake:

Services funeral homes MOURNING:

  1. Free advice on all issues related to dumping;
  2. Exit to the home agent for reservation;
  3. Provide transportation for moving the body in the morgue;
  4. Assistance in obtaining documents;
  5. Holding funeral with the opportunity to acquire the necessary attributes for a funeral;
  6. The provision of sanitary treatment of the body, embalming;
  7. The transportation of fluid cargo, including over long distances and between countries.
  8. Funeral-funeral services associated with the cremation of the deceased;
  9. Ordering band or honor guard for the ceremony at the cemetery.


Why funeral services are trusted by the Agency to MOURNING?

Our ritual Agency is not just funeral homes providing funeral services in Kiev, Kiev region and Ukraine. Over the years, and working in the field of funeral services, we have gained high experience, professionalism and recommendations of those who have experienced a loss and received the support of our Agency. Delicacy and respect for Your loss, the hallmark of our agents.

We have gained the trust of citizens in addressing concerns, which suddenly fell on them, and know that funeral and funeral services you have ordered from us is precise planning, meticulous adherence to rituals, refined atmosphere. Also we will relieve you of the paperwork that inevitably accompanies all at this moment.

Если Вас интересует недорогое и профессиональное проведение похорон или любые другие ритуальные услуги в Киеве, то мы готовы прийти на помощь. Вы также можете обратиться к нам за консультацией: на все вопросы, возникшие у Вас в связи с предстоящими похоронами, мы ответим бесплатно и максимально полно.