Wreaths of flowers
in difficult times
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Funeral wreath is an opportunity to honor the memory of the deceased. Wreaths of flowers during his burial to show respect for the memory of the deceased. Older for Christianity is the custom of laying wreaths and flowers at the ceremony burials. Our ancestors believed that the laying of wreaths on the grave, will help to ease the sorrow of loss family of the deceased.

Prices on funeral wreaths

  • Wreaths of artificial flowers – from 200 UAH
  • Funeral wreaths of flowers – from 3000 UAH

To buy a funeral flower wreath for a funeral, make a request on the website or call the following phones

 (044)568-06-27 ◦ (063)373-99-61 ◦ (096)989-92-32 ◦ (095)496-37-99  


Photos of funeral wreaths of natural flowers

Commemoration of the deceased with a wreath

How to Express their grief over the loss of a close and dear person that just the thought of him brings You into shock and stupor?
In order to bid farewell to the deceased should come and put simple flowers, the ceremonial wreath or a basket of flowers. Made these bouquets and baskets can be both artificial and fresh flowers that the deceased loved. After completion of the wreath with black ribbon, on which they write words of farewell from friends and colleagues.

To order a funeral flower wreath for a funeral, make a request on the website or call the following phones

 (044)568-06-27 ◦ (063)373-99-61 ◦ (096)989-92-32 ◦ (095)496-37-99  

Ritual Agency "Mourning" provides a large assortment of wreaths of flowers at an affordable cost. To order a wreath from us, you can call the number listed immediately upon learning of the death of a loved one. Our employee over the phone will help you to choose the composition and clarify the presence of the ordered flowers for the wreath. Each product is made by a professional florist.

All wreaths are made of fresh colors, immediately after placing the order.

There is always the opportunity to purchase the funeral wreaths of natural flowers ready-made sketches, as well as make individual mourning song.

Wreaths and baskets of flowers:

  • fresh funeral wreaths of natural flowers;
  • ceremonial baskets of flowers;
  • assistance in the selection of a wreath at certain cases;
  • always fresh flowers;
  • burial tape with a standard or ordered by the inscription;
  • create a wreath by a particular design.

Basket of flowers

Funeral basket of flowers persist for quite a long time 5 to 8 days. The more undemanding colors will be used during the manufacture, the better and longer it will persist the shopping cart. The combination of various colors betray a lot of shades of meaning. For example, chrysanthemums and carnations are without water for more than a week. Arrangement of roses stand for literally half weeks. Our Agency will help You to quickly and efficiently create and deliver wreaths, and braids of flowers.