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The funeral of a loved one, the news of his death – it can knock out of the rut even the most resistant person. If your family was in sorrow, our ritual Agency is ready to assist you in Solomenskiy district of Kiev, relegating the deceased on his last journey. We provide a full range of funeral services can provide an integrated approach or a separate event from transporting the body of the deceased before the funeral or Wake. Turning to us, you will be met with understanding and courteous treatment at any time of the day we will start our work to help you these difficult days and give last respects to your loved one.

Funeral in every district of Kyiv


The price of funeral services in the street from a funeral home MOURNING

Social funeral 5000 UAH
Social cremation from 5000 UAH
Coffins (budget, standard, VIP) from 600 UAH
Wreaths (artificial and fresh flowers) from 200 UAH
Funeral crosses from 450 UAH
The organization of the luncheon. 150-200 UAH
Rent of funeral transport from 800 UAH
Full funeral/cremation 24 hours
Check out the funeral agent around the clock
Round-the-clock reference service 044 568 06 27


Ritual MOURNING, the Agency provides the full range of funeral services in Solomenskiy district of Kiev (Khreshchatyk, Batu mountain, Zaliznychne array, the array may day, chokolivka, the Alexander Slobodka, Turkish town, city, Railway Colony, Pronexin, Shovels, Jules, Cadet grove, Cuddly, Toys, karavayevi Dachi, Novokurovka garden, industrial area "Encouraging" industrial district "Near the station, Post-Volyns'kyi"). A comprehensive organization of funerals at affordable prices for everyone.

We work around the CLOCK.
When ordering from the website funeral wreath for FREE.

  • We work without intermediaries.
  • 11 years of experience in the field of funeral services.
  • Find an individual solution for each person.
  • The most affordable prices on funeral services in Ukraine.

Ритуальная служба "ТРАУР" – Соломенский район


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We know that you will always be able to help You.

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Funeral in Kiev


Funeral services MOURNING serves all areas of the city of Kiev:


Of the Bureau of ritual MOURNING offers a full range of services in Solomenskiy district of Kiev:

  1. Preparation and execution of all necessary official documents connected with the funeral ceremony.
  2. Call the funeral Director home at any time of the day.
  3. Transportation of a deceased person in a crematorium, a morgue or a cooling chamber.
  4. Organization and holding a VIP funeral at the European level.
  5. Storage of the deceased in the freezer.
  6. Transportation, meeting, send, and clearance 200;
  7. The embalming of the body.
  8. Services funeral orchestra, which could accompany as to the place of burial, and during the ceremonial meal.
  9. Selling all ritual attributes that will be required in the process of conducting a burial, given the religion of the deceased.
  10. A team of 4-6 men for shoulder carrying the coffin.
  11. Holding funeral meals in all districts of Kiev.
  12. Disinfection of premises after death.
  13. Cleaning and beautification of the graves.
  14. Assistance in the selection of monuments and crosses on the grave.

Execution and funeral in Solomenskiy district


Call around the clock!

We know that you will always be able to help You.

  (044)568-06-27 ◦  (073)989-92-32 ◦  (096)989-92-32 ◦  (095)496-37-99