A memorial dinner
in difficult times
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funeral dinner

Поминальные обеды являются неотъемлемым обычаем на похоронах. Поминки проводятся как в день похорон, так и в последующие годы после кончины человека (9-й день после смерти, 40-й день, 1 год). На поминках друзья и родственники усопшего вспоминают о нем и выражают свою скорбь, память и уважение по покойному. Ритуальное бюро Траур более 10-лет занимается организацией поминальных обедов в Киеве и области. Мы сотрудничаем со всеми кафе, которые готовят вкусные и доступные по цене поминальные обеды. Самое важное помнить, что поминки – это ритуальный обед, который не нужно превращать в долгие посиделки. 

Memorial meal

When ordering the commemorative meal from us, you will be prompted:

  1. More than 100 cafes and restaurants in any convenient area of the city.
  2. Memorial halls from 6 to 200 people.
  3. Convenient entrance and a private Parking.
  4. Systematic funeral Lunches.
  5. The organization of the memorial near the cemetery or crematorium.
  6. Convenient transport accessibility.
  7. Wake in all districts of Kiev (Holosiyivsky, Svyatoshinskiy, Solomenskiy, Obolonskiy, Podolsky, caves, Shevchenko, Darnytskyi, Dnieper, Desnyanskiy).

Каждая ритуальная трапеза имеет свои нюансы и особенности. Приглашенные гости на поминальный обед должны вести себя спокойно, скромно и ни в коем случае не ссорится. Поминальные обеды по традициям требуют, что бы одно место за столом было не занято – это место где при жизни сидел бы покойник. На то место кладут пустые приборы и ставят стакан с водкой или водой сверху кладут ломтик хлеба. Таким образом, подчеркивают отсутствие человека для его близких.
In cremation man to order dinner right on-site crematorium. The crematorium, you can order this service as a funeral dinner accompanied by lyrical music. The hall can accommodate about 70 people. The cost of a funeral meal in the crematorium from 928 UAH per 2 hours.

Минимальная цена поминального обеда – 150 грн. на человека

Funeral lunch includes ceremonial food and a memorial meal recommended by the Orthodox Church and the Christian canons. The funeral cafe is always going to meet You and add in all the extra dishes to order. All ordered commemorative dishes cooked exclusively from fresh and quality ingredients, the staff will serve You at the highest level, realizing the pain of losing a loved one of customers. You don't have to worry about the service and quality of meals. If you have a small budget and for the economy stipulates the possibility customer of individual purchase some food and drink. 

Menu of memorial dinners:

  • Soup with meat or skit
  • Kutya
  • Mashed potatoes or buckwheat
  • Goulash
  • Cake with dried apricots or poppy seeds
  • Pie with cabbage and egg
  • Bread
  • Compote or stewed fruit
  • Pancakes with honey
  • Burgers
  • Sliced meat and cheese
  • Herring
  • Salad or spring salad

Holding memorial dinners in every district of Kyiv

We guarantee the most affordable prices in Ukraine

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Поминальная трапеза – постное меню:

  • Soup with mushrooms
  • Kutya
  • Cake with dried apricots or poppy seeds
  • Pie with cabbage and mushrooms
  • Mashed potatoes or buckwheat
  • Fish
  • Pancakes with honey
  • Bread
  • Compote or uzvar
  • Salad or spring salad


The organization of commemoration in Kiev


Memorial meal originates from ancient times, then the relatives of the deceased gathered together to honor the memory of a loved and native person and to pray for the salvation of the human soul, which is not take. To arrange a memorial meal is not difficult, but time must be spend enough. A better organization to entrust experienced funeral agent.


Memorial meal Kyiv and region The organization of commemoration in Kyiv of oblasti Ordering a funeral lunch in Kiev


A professional will find a suitable room, will be and will discuss the menu with You funeral dinners according to all customs.Our employees will select the room for a certain number of people who came to remember a loved one. In the catalog you will always find the institution that is suitable for the customer's location and matches it to the budget: from the small dining area to the huge Banquet hall of the restaurant for the Wake. On the basis of price and quality, as a rule, the average café.

Large selection of memorial cafés in every district of Kyiv 

Memorial café in Kiev provides a lot of options for institutions in all parts of the city. When ordering funeral lunch you select a menu that will meet the customs and personal preferences. For example, can be national dishes or an ordinary vegetarian menu. We Wake in Kiev in accordance with the requirements and preferences of the customer.