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in difficult times
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Depending on your financial capabilities, religious beliefs and aesthetic preferences, in addition to an exclusive VIP coffins, we offer elite polished coffins. In making use of the alder, pine and an excellent wood — Karelian pine, mahogany and others. You can also order polished coffin, made in the European tradition.

The acquisition of the polished coffin, we give a number of distinct advantages:

  • full range of funeral services, from obtaining necessary documents to support the body in another region or state (load "200");
  • guarantee the best prices in the relevant category of coffins in Ukraine;
  • select the desired price and appearance the coffin on this website by choosing ready-made product, liked the photos. But you can buy polished coffin, made to order with additional details that will create original style.
  • guarantee use in products of high-quality material appropriate for its price category, from the most simple to luxury coffins — you will receive the product, suitable price.

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 We guarantee the most affordable prices

Besides products of its own manufacture, the ritual service of "Mourning" can also help build the coffins polished from the manufacturer from Europe and the world.

Quality polished coffins in Ukraine

At a time when our loved one fades away, often before the details of the paperwork and the organization of the entire funeral process — это требует много времени, а часто — и нервов. Даже если вы волевой человек, который способен сдерживать свои эмоции и переживания — найдётся немало родных и близких, и им понадобится ваша помощь в такой трудный момент. Наши сотрудники внимательно оформят всё согласно законодательству, при этом заняв минимум вашего времени и внимания. Вам не придётся контролировать все сложности — сотрудники ритуальной службы «Траур» проведут похоронный обряд на высшем уровне.

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