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cremation in KievКремация – это посмертное сожжение тела в крематории, после прах человека отдают в специальной урне его родственникам для захоронения. Кремация в Киеве проводится, когда покойник ещё при жизни выявил в завещании свою волю кремировать собственное тело после смерти. Данная процедура проводиться по желанию родных покойника. Если Вам предстоит превратит в пепел тело родного человека, то предлагаем обратиться в наше агентство для организации прощания и проведения процедуры сожжения. Прощание с умершим проходит в the memorial hall when the crematorium.

How much is cremation in Kiev – from UAH 5000

  • чтение ритуала – 240 грн.
  • оформление документов – 8,70 грн.
  • сожжение гроба с умершим – от 450 грн.
  • пороховые урны – от 12 грн. и выше
  • надпись на урне, в которую будет помещаться прах – от 100 грн.
  • похоронные залы для прощания – от 330 грн.
  • проведение панихиды – от 120 грн.
  • ритуальный зал с музыкальным оркестром – от 220 грн.
  • чехол для урны с прахом – 90 грн.
  • утилизация траурных венков и корзин – от 60 грн.

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Cremation of the body of the deceased takes place in one day, but must call the crematory in advance to book the time of the burning. We will help You in these hard days to make things right, to arrange cremation services in Kiev crematorium. Farewell and funeral of the traditional event, the deceased person is transferred to the crematorium in a coffin. Then the body was placed in a special oven with a temperature of over 1000 C. the Body under the influence of temperature turns to dust, the maximum burning time 2 hours. After the remains of a deceased person is removed from the oven and placed into a temporary container, and then the relatives have to decide what to do with the ashes of the deceased. Ashes can be scattered in a memorable place, traditionally, to bury, to put in the ballot box for storage.

For cremation you need to prepare the following documents: the detachable part of the certificate that shows the cause of death; the death certificate of the person; the original identity documents of a relative of the deceased, to receive the urn containing the ashes a few days after the cremation.

The cost of cremation

 Find the cost of cremation in Kiev You can call us at any time of the day. The price of cremation may vary depending on the circumstances. In our price list clearly stated the price of cremation services. The staff of our Agency can provide You with any information about the cremation service and its cost, details of the procedure.

Implementation of the cremation on the day of death is prohibited by Law. Ukrainian law allows for cremation on the second day after death. If the person did not die a natural death or was killed cremated possible with the permission of the Prosecutor's office of Kiev. For the dead a natural death from disease, no permission necessary.

The human burial of the dead spread many diseases and occupy large areas of land in the country that has a bad effect not only on the environment but also on the economy.


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Крематорий в Киеве

Address and time schedule of the crematorium

Kiev crematorium

Адрес: улица Байкова 16 (район Байкового кладбища в Киеве)

Schedule: from 9:00 to 17:00 (mon-Thu); 9:00 to 16:00 (Friday). Break from 13:00 to 14:00.