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Во время похорон близкого человека его родные хотят, чтобы скорбный обряд был проведен достойно и благородно, особенно помещение гроба в могилу. Специальный механизм, чтобы опустить в могилу гроб плавно и бережно – это сингуматор. Ритуальный лифт позволить провести ритуал похорон на достойном уровне. С его помощью погребение усопшего становится более торжественным и бережным. В странах Запада и в Америке сингуматоры используют с середины прошлого века. В Украине эта услуга еще не очень востребована, возможно, из-за того, что эта возможность не всем известна.

How does the ritual lift

Construction machinery is a rectangular metal frame with a wound on her straps. The frame is mounted on supports with legs. The coffin set on the straps of the lift, the operator leads the mechanism in motion, the coffin gently sinks into the grave. To the burial place of the lift is delivered unassembled. Shall establish a mechanism prior to the beginning of the mourning process, at the request of the customer the experts of the Bureau of the grave zadekorirovat: drape the walls, framed soffits.

ritual lift

What types of are there singulation

  1. Mechanical. Operate manually, the cost of these elevators are readily available.
  2. Friction. Controlled lever or knob, speed adjustable.
  3. Electric. Work from the battery, manual or remote control using the remote control.
  4. Hydraulic. Controlled by the operator, the principle of action like an electric.

Design singulation regularly upgraded. However, the most popular is the mechanical lift.

Services for the installation and management of ritual lift

To order the burial of machinery, you can contact the funeral home Mourning in Kiev, the price of the device varies depending on the kind of Elevator you choose. To choose the appropriate option will help Bureau staff by providing a range of services:

  • shipping the device to the place of burial
  • installation walk-through with the guarantee of stability of the structure
  • the design of the burial pit below the mechanism looked neat
  • control of the lift, dismantle and removal

The office is Mourning ready to solve a lot of issues that are associated with the funeral, and offer high quality services and reasonable prices. Contacting a funeral home Mourning in Kiev and ordering advertising for the burial of a close person will give you the opportunity to hold a funeral ceremony, the deceased having given special respect.

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