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Opinions about kissing the dead are divided: some say a ritual as tribute to past traditions, while others refer to the unreasonably stupid risk health.



  1. That speaks to the ritual of kissing the dead man's medicine?
  2. The observance of the ritual of farewell European residents.
  3. Why not kiss of a dead man, previously struck by a serious illness?
  4. The psychological factor of kissing the dead.
  5. Right where to kiss the deceased?
  6. Why not take young children to a funeral.


That speaks to the ritual of kissing the dead man's medicine?

People often do not even think about their actions, when escorted the last journey of the deceased, partly due to human prejudices, partly because it is so accepted in society. However, if this is so important and necessary to kiss the deceased at the funeral? If not to take into consideration various superstitions and stories, the kiss of a dead man solely from an aesthetic and hygienic point of view. Of course, at this point, the relatives of the deceased do not think about the aesthetic aspect, and especially about hygiene, the people completely immersed in the pain of loss of a close person. But forget about the risk of damage to your health is not worth it.

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The observance of the ritual of farewell European residents

В отличие от славянского народа, западное общество рассматривает этот ритуал негативно, хотя, бывают и исключения. Согласно медицинским исследованиям, распад тканей наступает после смерти спустя 6-7 часов. Замедлить этот процесс возможно – для этого используются специальные химические растворы или простое держание тела при низкой температуре. Исключить же распад тканей вовсе попросту невозможно. А потому близкий контакт с телом усопшего даёт шанс бактериям свободно распространяться вокруг, затрагивая не только окружающую обстановку, но и живых людей, пришедших попрощаться с умершим.

Why not kiss of a dead man, previously struck by a serious illness?

It is especially dangerous to contact the dead, who had previously been treated, e.g., cancer. Patients with cancer, and people kept away from society, after death, somehow, freely give bodies to the relatives to say goodbye before the funeral. It turns out, received during the lifetime dose of radiation in a range of procedures subjected to disintegration together with tissues. In this case, the relatives are grieving, not only in the same room with the deceased, but also touch it, wash and kiss.

And when it comes to hard-to-treat diseases, we need to understand:

  • different forms of hepatitis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • meningococcal encephalitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • other.

Such of the body exposed during the lifetime severe illness, are a real bomb of slow action. And of course, after the wires late last journey, no one thinks about the disinfection of the premises.

The psychological factor of kissing the dead

Not always a goodbye kiss is appropriate. For example, if the family or society is wound up to say goodbye to the relative thus, children and especially impressionable people to get rid of the performance of this ritual – it may be psychological trauma. Not because this action is a measure of the love and pain of loss. It is possible that from a purely psychological point of view to say goodbye so with the deceased person is simply not ready, no matter how much he loved him in his lifetime.

Right where to kiss the deceased?

The last kiss – or kiss the deceased on the forehead has a direct connection with the burial ritual. The kiss happens in the staging area of the third eye – according to the beliefs, a kiss on the forehead erases the memory of the past in life testing before the soul again reborn on earth. The so-called "last kiss" is a special crown placed on the head of the deceased. As a second option, you can kiss the icon, which is placed near his left hand or at breast, in this case Orthodox cross is placed in the left hand of the deceased.

On the tape, posted on the brow of a dead man for kissing can be applied to the following image:

  1. Jesus Christ.
  2. phrase Traslate Songs.
  3. Mother Of Virgin Mary.
  4. St. John The Baptist.

Some customs allow the kissing of the hand or lips of the deceased, but in practice this happens very rarely. Alternatively, you can just sit near the coffin, holding the hand of the deceased, to touch the leg, to apologize for everything and say goodbye.


Note: do Not take small children to the funeral.

Во-первых, это не то место для ребёнка, во-вторых, он может находиться в совсем маленьком возрасте и не оценить прощального «мероприятия». В мусульманском обществе «прощальный поцелуй» дарится усопшему также – коснувшись губами чела или просто лица. Это выражение большой любви или уважения к покойному человеку. В то время как иудеи считают святотатством тревожить тело и душу покойного. По действующим в иудейском обществе правилам останки усопшего не демонстрируют, а the coffin lid tightly closed. Consequently, kiss and otherwise touch the dead man did not have to say goodbye to the dead Jews in the mind or touching the lid of the coffin.

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